Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Monday

Monday Monday, can't trust that day,
Monday Monday, sometimes it just turns out that way
Oh Monday morning, you gave me no warning of what was to be
Oh Monday Monday, how could you leave and not take me?

If there's one day I rarely trust, it's Mondays. For me, Mondays are the one day of the week I'm most likely NOT to schedule a shoot. If someone else has booked me for a Monday, I know the odds are exponentially increased that something will screw up and Monday won't happen, leastwise, the shoot won't happen.

Today was one of those Mondays: One of those Monday Mondays that gave me no warning of what was to be. (Or not to be.)

I was booked to be on a set at a very upscale house in a private community near Calabasas, California, when, just before hopping in my ride for the 1-hour-plus commute, I received a text informing me Monday was canceled due to a "food poisoning" incident involving the project's "leading lady" as its victim.


The reason, I suppose, that Mondays are so unpredictable are weekends. Things happen on weekends: Things that adversely effect Mondays. Often, in negative ways, i.e., from a "dependability" perspective.

For one, people party on weekends. Take this past weekend. Like so many others, I partied. Maybe not the way many people partied--it was my 3-year-old grand-daughter's 3rd birthday party--but I partied nonetheless. (The giant, inflatable, rented, water slide was a big hit and the cake and ice cream was delizioso.)

Models, as life-forms, tend to party on weekends even more than most mere mortals. That's not to say models don't party other nights of the week, they do, but weekends are traditionally party time and, for many models I'm acquainted with, weekends are party-hearty time. Often, with Monday morning pay-backs: Pay-backs that effect others... like myself and the rest of the crew that was supposed to be earning some money in Calabasas today. Did I mention I turned down another gig for today? No? Well, I did.

Oh well! Wha'd'ya gonna do? Nature of the beast I guess. Besides, there's always Tuesdays to look forward to and this Tuesday, tomorrow that is, is a good example-- I'll be at a location house high in the hills above Los Angeles photographing "barely legal" models, for Larry Flynt Publications/Hustler, dressed (and undressed) as private, boarding school, girls. Hey! It's a living! Someone's gotta do it.

My apologies for this post having little to do with the art and craft of photography. More a photography business-related update, I suppose.

The two models at the top are Devin and Sofia from some time ago. Obviously, they're about to party, albeit in a Sapphic sorta way. I shot the pic on a weekend in Sin City, not a Monday. Thought it might be fun to make the photo B&W with some grain... I mean "noise" added. So that's what I did.

This update's first paragraph courtesy of The Mamas & Papas from way back in the day.


EleganceAndChaos said...

Does the crew normally get a "kill fee" when a shoot is canceled on short notice (less than 24 hours) like this or just the promise of a re-scheduled shoot?

jimmyd said...


Sometimes kill fees are paid out. More often not. An issue could be made of it but that sometimes comes back to bite one on the ass. Sometimes, the model's agent is dinged by having to forgo their fees. Sometimes the model ends up taking a rate reduction assuming she's rescheduled. Neither of which does a thing for the crew. This particular shoot is already re-scheduled for this coming saturday which I'm not overly happy about since it will mean I'm going to miss out on a truly decadent party--the kind that's usually only seen at a place like Hef's mansion, one that will probly include some whacky frolicking beyond what usually takes place at Hef's crib. Insult to injury!

Anonymous said...

"Oh well! Wha'd'ya gonna do?"
umm. start building kill fees into all your contracts is what yer gonna do! Please stop letting these guys treat you like your time isn't worth anything! you're out a paid gig that you passed on AND you're out a party.
I know kill fees will reduce your popularity, but you can't expect these guys to treat you with respect if you don't insist on it.
</talking out of ass>

Elegance And Chaos Photography said...

Do you actually get a chance to relax at a party like that? It seems more like an networking opportunity and a chance to be seen as a opposed to a party where you can let you hair down and relax.

Separating your business and personal life is tough some times. Turning off the business side of your personality can be difficult I find.

If you like me you are running out of gas by 11:00PM anyway. My party days are pretty much behind me. :(

jimmyd said...


I hear what you're saying about simply having a good time at a party and turning off the business side. Parties are often great places to network and schmooze. This particular party, however, I intended to fully join in the festivities and get really stupid.

Anonymous said...

Hey I will be your substitute party goer! I will be sure to tell you in vivid detail all that went on. It will be just like you were there.