Tuesday, July 07, 2009

iPhone 3GS In My Future? How About Yours?

I gotta say, I love my iPhone. It's not just a mobile phone, it's so much more.

I have an earlier iteration of the iPhone: An iPhone 8GB. The "8GB," of course, refers to how much storage is installed on my device-- 8 Gigabytes. I've thought about upgrading to the new 3GS but I've been more-than-happy with my early-gen iPhone so I've resisted the urge.

Now, I'm rethinking my position. Why? The new iPhone's upgraded camera and, more importantly and more exciting, the 3GS's video capabilities.

If you don't know what Apple has done with the new iPhone, video-wise, or what's (most likely) on the way for iPod lovers, check out this article from TechCrunch.com.

(Thanks for Tweeting a heads-up and link, Mister Boudoir Photographer.)

It's one thing to capture noisy, lo-res video with your cell phone. It's quite another to capture near HD video AND edit your clips AND upload your finished video to YouTube or elsewhere, all on and/or from a single, mobile, device using available WiFi or the carrier's network!

I know, I know. This is a photography site. But photography and videography are merging like never before. You knew that, right? Plus, ya know how many of you say you enjoy the BTS shots I sometimes provide with my updates? How about short, BTS videos of the models, the lighting set-ups, and more?

iPhone pics have lately become quite popular with many photographers, from pros like Chase Jarvis to hobbyists. (Jarvis TwitPic posts new iPhone snaps quite regularly, sometimes daily!)

Imagine what's gonna happen if iPhone vids really catch on? These videos will be available on the web almost in real time!

I've been month-to-month with my AT&T service since February of this year. If I agree to sign up for a two-year contract, I can get the new iPhone 3GS for $199 or $299 depending on how much storage it has on board. That's a fairly sweet deal for a new iPhone 3GS! Yeah, it means being stuck for a couple of years with AT&T as my carrier. I'll admit AT&T kinda sucks as a mobile carrier. But maybe they'll improve the coverage and service? Who knows? Stranger things have happened.

The pretty girl at the top, wearing the rhinestone-encrusted, vinyl, dominatrix get-up is Regan. I snapped this pic of Regan in my studio about 3 or 4 years ago. I like the way her right eye peeks out and sucks you in.


Lou said...

Good call on the 3GS... If I had the cash for one (and AT&T's extortion of a plan lol), I'd get one for sure...

Regarding the BTS video theory, you're right on the money... One of my more recent photographer finds is Dustin Diaz (http://photography.dustindiaz.com/),and he just got his 3GS and has been posting these vids... Definitely added value to an already awesome photoblog.

I'd definitely love to see what kind of craziness you'd come up with lol...

James said...

I was real exited about the 3Gs video capability as well, but a friend of mine let me play with his and I was extremely disappointed.

It will not shoot 16x9, video was poor quality, youtube upload was worse, and the "editing" is only the ability to trim the beginning or end off of ONE clip.

And the $99 8Gb phone is only last years 3G, no video...

Until they update it to do multi-clip editing I will stick to my 2gen iPod Touch...

Sorry for the bad news, love your blog.

Ed Araquel said...

Do it. You know you want to. :-)

I can answer any 3GS questions you may have but I think you're $100 off in your pricing. It's $199 for 16GB and $299 for 32GB.


jimmyd said...

@Ed Araquel, Thanks for the pricing corrections. I'm gonna amend the blog enty.

@James, You're right. That's dissapointing. Perhaps it will update with software sometime down the road?

@Lou, I definitely think video BTS clips will be appreciated. Thanks for the link. I'm gonna check Dustin Diaz's blog out!

Anathaema said...

Don't tell me that the ideea I've given up on (and the main reason I've bought myself a real camera, and actually beginning to pay more attention to this art) is now famous. I wanted to create a revolution. I wanted to photograph like no1 has ever (from Zack Arias' movie), combined with this new article... it's so worrying, really
maybe I was supposed to continue..
I'll continue asking myself these questions. In the meantime, here's some of my Nokia N73 (a better 3mpx than the iPhone - before you shout, run some tests) : http://s137.photobucket.com/albums/q230/Anath007/
I'm not advertising, I'm discussing on the subject

WillT said...

I've always just said NO to AT&T. Even thought of making a bumper sticker!

Part of that is because of how long I've been with Verizon Wireless but for the most part it's because AT&T has thinner 3G coverage and, if you believe the reviews, deplorable customer service.

That said, a few weeks ago I bought a 15" MacBook Pro and along with it came a free (paid by rebate) iPod Touch. Being a geeky guy, I decided to see what it could do for me. So... I hooked it up to my email accounts, bought/installed Skype, Amazon, Remote Presenter (for controlling slideshows at my classes), a dictionary, PubMed, AIM and Yahoo IM clients, Twittelator, Instapaper, and more.

You're getting the idea, right? I no longer leave the house without it. Of course I still need to bring my Blackberry for phone calls or text messages so I am resigned to carrying two devices.

Then I read the article on iPhone 3GS video and began to waiver. I even mentioned AT&T at the breakfast table. My wife was shocked. I am trying to hold out because credible rumors have Verizon announcing an Apple liaison in the next few months.

I'm getting weaker though.