Monday, August 31, 2009

Playboy Might Be Looking For You!

Here's an opportunity for all you pretty girl shooters out there. Playboy is looking for a few good photographers. And a few good models too!

It's called "Playboy Shootout," and it's a reality show that pits 10 photographers and 10 models against each other. The prize? The winning photographer and model get to shoot a layout for Playboy magazine.

Hey! Waitaminute! This all sounds fairly familiar to me. In fact, it sounds very much like the proposed reality show my agent and I have pitched around Hollywood for the past year or so! (Not counting the shoot-a-layout-for-Playboy winning prize part.) Anyway, like dumbshits, we neglected to pitch it to Playboy. Oh well. Wha'd'ya gonna do? Shit happens. But that doesn't mean some of you can't turn the shit happening my way into a great opportunity happening your way.

Here's all you have to do: Go to the link I'm about to provide and submit some pics along with a resume. That's it. Easy, no? C'mon! What do you have to lose? Some precious time? Hell. Can't be all that precious. You're spending some of that precious time reading this blog, right?

I gotta tell ya, there's nothing that would make me happier than one or more PGS readers getting picked for this competition.

Okay. I lied. Me getting picked would make me happier but, short of that, one or some of you getting picked would certainly be a great consolation prize should Playboy not see their way to choosing yours truly.

Yep. That means I'm going to try out for this myself.

Did I mention my agent called and said this Playboy thing pretty much kills any chance my reality show idea had... or has? He did. But I'm not bitter. I'm not pissed. I'm not heartbroken or depressed. Like I said, "What'd'ya gonna do?"

Here's the link to submit for Playboy's Shootout: Playboy Shootout.

Good luck to any and all of you who try out!

The pretty girl at the top, the one getting her skirt blown up, is Dani from today's shoot. She's a homegrown local girl, barely out of her teen years. Dani was lotsa fun to work with! What a great personality. If I would boil her personality down to a single word, it would probably be "spunky."

And spunky chicks are fun!

Dani captured with my Canon 5D w/ 17-40 L glass, ISO 100, f/8 @ 125th. Three Profoto Acute 2 heads: Two in front at 45s and one up high and behind her to camera left. All the heads were modified with umbrellas. Not much processing. I left the color fairly saturated cuz I was digging all the reds: From her hair to her skirt to the walls of that set I shoot in for one of my clients just about every week.

BTW, that little hint of panty your eyes zoomed in on matches the flower thing in her hair. Just a little F-Y-Eye for the straight guy.


Anonymous said...

Funny . . .it doesn't look like a Harley?

jimmyd said...


That's cuz I haven't taken any pics of my new Harley yet. So there!

Anonymous said...

Gee Jimmy - I hope you had a NDA in place and that getting scooped was mere coincidence rather than a leak. Love your blog and looking forward to your Bernie followup.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking the same thing...

I suspect if that show does well enough they'll want more of the genre, and then yours will take off.

jimmyd said...

I suspect if that show does well enough they'll want more of the genre, and then yours will take off.

That would be nice, tho I'm not holding my breath.

jeffj3 said...

Well I auditioned for calls yet, oh well, life goes on!

jimmyd said...


Me too. Same here. Oh well.