Monday, September 14, 2009

I've Been a (Blogging) Flake Lately

Haven't updated as much as usual lately. But there's a reason: I've been spending too much time with my newest crush, seen in the pic to the left. (Click to enlarge.)

Not such great images. I shot them, full-auto, with my little Canon Powershot point-n-shoot. They were for my insurance guy's files.

Besides working, I've been spending quite a bit of time with (and on) my new squeeze. If you're not too familiar with motorcycles, it's a 1999 Harley Davidson Dyna Low Rider. She's fast, sleek, loud and agile. I feel like a kid out on the road. And I'm not too modest too admit my baby turns a few heads. That's my Toyota 4Runner (grip truck) in the background of the pics. She's been jealous as hell!

I will (very) soon get back to the oh-so-serious business of regularly writing about photographing pretty girls. I also hope to get my bike into the studio or out on a location with a pretty, naked, chick draped across her... I mean across it.

Until then, I'll be working, playing, and out cruising on my new ride. I'll also be finding the time to do some on-topic writing for the blog and update more often.

I promise!


Anonymous said...

Hey Jimmy - maybe you could start mobile blogging with your iPhone that you wrote about in July!

jimmyd said...


Now there's an idea! But I wish the keyboard was bigger.

Anonymous said...

Get a blue tooth keyboard for it.

Anonymous said...

Now you are going to have to let your hair grow out again.

Tim said...

Route 66 PGS shots please! :-)

scott neumyer said...

Yeah, but does it have a full frame sensor and shoot 1080p HD video? Hehehehe :)

jimmyd said...


It does when I attach a camera to the fuel tank with my Delkin Fat Gecko camera mount. :-)

Damien said...

Nice bike!