Friday, October 09, 2009

My Other Voice

If any of you ever wondered if I have a voice other than my writing voice, you can now put your curiosity to rest.

A month or two ago, I participated in a phone interview with Ron Davis (a shooter and photography educator) and Shawna Rencher (a model, actress, director, and more) of

So, assuming you have nothing better to do, you know, something really important like organizing your sock drawer or alphabetizing your spice rack or planning your conquest of the photography world, you can listen to me drone on about glamour photography, photography in general, i.e., where it's been and where it's going, porn the adult industry, model/photographer interactions, the psychology of imagery, and a whole lot of other stuff in a podcast currently featured on the above-mentioned website.

My interview is Episode 18 of's ongoing collection of podcast interviews with photographers and models. I'm told, so far, my interview has garnered the most traffic of any other interview on the site. Yeah, that was a brag. Hey! If I don't toot my own horn, someone's gonna use it as a spittoon! (And sometimes, people do so anyway.)

Anyway, if you want to give the interview a listen, you can do so by CLICKING HERE.

The pretty girl at the top is Uma from a shoot earlier this past week. Uma is from Argentina and doesn't speak hardly a lick of English. That, of course, doesn't matter much. Her sexy charms and bedroom eyes speak for themselves in any language.

Uma captured with Canon 5D, Canon 17-40 f/4 L, ISO 100, f/8 at 125th. Three lights: Two in front, each side at 45s and modified with medium umbrellas, the back-light boomed up high, camera-left, modified with a small shoot-thru. Small wind machine fan to blow her hair back a bit. Model put the paint on her face herself.


MacGyver said...

Listening to the interview right now. Good stuff!

Questions about your lighting on this image:

How small is that light unit and shoot thru? You mentioned that you have that light boomed behind her, but she looks to be pretty close to the background.

Also your front umbrellas in this setup-are they reflected or shoot-thru?

jimmyd said...


The small set I'm shooting on has a fairly high ceiling, about twelve feet. The back light is boomed on a grip arm off the top of a C-Stand. The C-stand is extended almost as high as it goes. Yep, she's close to the wall behind her. The back light is angled down, fairly steeply, and the shoot-thru, about an 18 incher or less, is pushed up against the BG wall.

The two umbrellas in front are both reflective. One of them, camera-left, is about 42" and is white-lined. The one camera-right is somewhat smaller, maybe around 30" and it's silver lined.

MacGyver said...

Thanks for sharing in such detail. I liked the red/metal panel background you used in that shot.

Really enjoyed the interview, and wished it could have gone on longer as it was really interesting listening to you.

Especially liked the part about coming from a video background how it was easy for you get into photography and now how all these photographers are "discovering" video with cameras like the 5d mkII.

Looking forward to when your instructional DVD comes out. Any ideas on when?

jimmyd said...


Just to put the chronology right, I made a good chunk of my living as a photographer well before becoming a videographer. (Late 70s thru mid 80s)

Then, it was mostly all about videography (and some motion picture film as well) before returning to photography in the late 80s, joining it with videography, on into the 90s and until the digital SLR revolution started taking place.

My first dSLR was a Canon 10D but some of my work still involved shooting film for about a year or so after going digital.

DVD should be out just after the first of the year. Maybe even before that. Still much to do as time permits.

Anonymous said...

Great interview, Jimmy.

Love your blog and forum posts, too. :)