Wednesday, December 02, 2009

I'm Outa There!

I was just getting back on an updating roll then, BOOM! I kinda got lax again. But this time I have a legitimate excuse: I've moved to a new residence.

To say, "I hate moving!" is an understatement. It truly sucks! (As if so many of you actually relish the act of moving your domicile.)

The only good thing that comes of moving, well, two good things are 1) you get to go through all your crap and get rid of the stuff you have no idea why you kept in the first place and 2) the place you're moving to represents a positive change in your life.

Both apply to me.

I literally, and in so many ways, hated where I was living. I know hate is a harsh word--and now I've used it twice in this update--but, in this case, it applies. Actually, it wasn't so much where I was living, I loved the location, but with who. (Whom?) I should note I don't actually hate, as in completely despise, intensely loathe, and fervently wish horrible things upon the who/whom I'm referring to but, in terms of sharing a residence with them, and all *that* included, hate applies... if that makes sense. I won't go into details as that could fill a book, albeit a petty, boring-as-hell book. I'll leave the consequences of their ways, their actions and behaviors, to karma. The reasons I didn't move sooner, lame as they were, had to do with sheer laziness, unjustifiable procrastination, a heaping dose of stupidity, and dreading the act of moving.

Anyway, the move is done, courtesy of three or four miserable days of going through all the crap moving entails and also courtesy of my son and my son-in-law: They felt sorry for the "old man" and volunteered to do the lion's share of the grunt work. Actually, my son-in-law volunteered. My nearly 14-year-old son was, uhhh.. partially leveraged into helping. But he was great! Never complained! In fact, they both were great, working their butts off carrying my stuff and more!

Sorry this update has nothing to do with pretty girl shooting. I have occasionally noted I sometimes use this blog for angst relief. I'm still settling into my new digs. Nearly all my junk remains packed. But I didn't want too much time to go by without posting something, anything, even if it's as off-topic to this blog as this update happens to be, angst relief not withstanding.

The pretty girl at the top is beautiful, sexy, raven-haired, Spanish (from Madrid, Spain) Rebecca from a couple of years ago. I may have posted this pic before. Sorry if I have. At the moment, I only have my laptop available. My desktops are still packed along with access to most of my pics. Rebecca captured with a single key light, placed on the other side of that French door. The balance of illumination was all ambient.


Elliott said...

What I like about your blog is that it's the real Jimmy D. I enjoy the glimpses into what Jimmy does when Jimmy doesn't have a camera in hand.

WillT said...

Now that you’ve moved and moved on, you can call it... New Beginnings!

jimmyd said...


Thanks. Just hope I don't bore the crap outa anyone when I'm talking about my personal life.


I could sure use some of that new beginnings stuff!

Lin said...

Welcome to your new home!

Killjoy said...

Congrats on the new digs.

S 3 Jim said...

Actually, Jimmy, your blog is a very pleasant respite from most of the image/work related reading I'm committed to keeping up with...
And good for you for biting the bullet and movin' on!