Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Women of Perfection

That's what we all love shooting, right? Women of perfection, that is. And in our quests to shoot those rare and sought-after women of perfection, we hope to shoot them, well... to perfection. I know that's always my goal.

On Sunday, April 25, 2010, from noon till 6 PM, I'll be in Torrance, CA, at the beautiful Holiday Inn, for the Women of Perfection-sponsored "Ultimate Celebrity & Model Convention."

Not only will I be there, ogling interacting with the many gorgeous models in attendance, I'll be giving a talk and hosting and mentoring a pretty girl shooting workshop. (I was going to say "giving a lecture..." but that's what my Dad always did. Lectured me.)

If you're a Southern California pretty girl shooter, or hope to become one, regardless of your level of skill or experience, you might want to jot down that date and stop by for a thoroughly enjoyable, photo-educational, eye-candy-filled experience. Visit the Women of Perfection web site and purchase an advanced ticket at $5 off the $20 door admission. Such a deal! Beautiful, barely-legally-clad, glamour models, struttin' their stuff, plus an opportunity to learn some pretty girl shooting tricks from an old PGS dog. That would be me, bow wow. What better way to spend a leisurely Sunday afternoon? Okay, maybe I can think of a few but this one is right up there!

The workshop I'll be leading will include about an hour of talk with plenty of time allotted for questions and answers, then some pretty girl shooting demonstrations with ample opportunities for those in attendance to photograph a gorgeous model or two. I'll try to make the experience both entertaining as well as informative. After all, for those doing this thing we do, this pretty girl shooting thing, what's more entertaining than having a beautiful model posing in front of our cameras and following our directions? Okay. Maybe, once again, I can think of a few things but, short of those, glamour and pretty girl photography is as creatively satisfying as it is fun and entertaining!

Visit Women of Perfection for all the scoop on this cool, model showcase, event! This is a bring your camera opportunity! (Note: Restrictions apply. Read this page for more info on that.)

Hope to see you there!

The pretty girl pic at the top is Daisy from last year. I snapped this one, and quite a few more, after we hiked down into a ravine nestled in Topanga Canyon in the Santa Monica Mountains and along the banks of a small steam. It's a simple, no-frills, candid and straight-forward photo. Natural light only: The sun behind her and a big-ass, white, reflector in front. (No. Me and my big white ass didn't stand in for the reflector... that would have me facing the wrong way to snap the photos.) Very minimal processing.

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