Friday, August 13, 2010

An orbis™ in the Bush

The good folks at orbis™ just released a fun-to-watch, behind-the-scenes video of Kiwi adventure photographer, Graeme Murray, prepping, packing and shooting an editorial assignment in the New Zealand bush using the orbis™. (Looks more like a jungle than a bush to me but what do I know? I'm mostly a city boy.)

What's an orbis™ you say?

Glad you asked. It's a really nifty ring flash adapter that attaches to your speedlite and delivers that trademark, ring-light, quality to your images. In fact, the orbis™ people just sent me one of their ring flash adapters to try out. I'm already arranging for a model and will be shooting (and reviewing) the orbis™ used in pretty-girl-shooting-mode in the not-too-distant future.

Conceptually, the orbis™ is the kind of product that fits ever-so-perfectly into my Guerrilla Glamour approach to pretty girl shooting: It utilizes gear most of us already own, it's lightweight and very portable, it delivers quality-with-reliability and, perhaps best of all, it's relatively inexpensive!

Those of you who read my recently released ebook, Guerrilla Glamour, might remember I wrote about the orbis™ in Chapter Three: Guerrilla Gear. Here's a brief excerpt:

"Another way to achieve that ring flash “look,” other than dedicated ring flash devices, is with an adapter. orbis™ is a company, headquartered in New Zealand,who produces the orbis™ ring flash adapter. (And you thought the only thing New Zealand was known for was sheep, kiwifruit, or providing the scenic locations used in the "Lord of the Rings” movies. Au contraire, mon frer!)

The orbis™ converts your small flash or speedlight into a ring flash. It can be used on-camera or off. What I especially like about this device is it takes advantage of gear you probably already own, i.e., a speedlite. Guerrilla-Glam shooters naturally gravitate towards multi-functionality with their gear."

Okay. Without further ado, here's the Graeme Murray/orbis™-in-the-bush video. (BTW, there are other orbis™ videos on their website. You can see them by clicking HERE.)

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Lee said...

Looks good, Jimmy. I'll be looking for your review.