Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Podcast With Ed Verosky

Yesterday, I did a podcast with Ed Verosky for his About Photography website. We discussed glamour photography (of course) and it was lots of fun speaking with Ed.

Ed might have set a world's record for the time it took him to get the interview from a recording to being posted on his website as a podcast. If you have time to listen, you can do so by clicking HERE.

The physically fit model with the tough-as-nails expression above is Jules from a shoot I did last night after Skyping the interview wit Ed. (He lives in NYC, I'm in LA.) Jules spends lots of time at the gym, about 4 or 5 times a week. She told me she spent yesterday at the gym doing legs and thighs. I told her when I do legs and thighs, I'm usually ordering a special at the Colonel's. As usual for me, very minimal post processing.... sorta like how I'm a minimalist when it comes to going to the gym.


Edwin A. Rivers said...

Hey Jimmy D,

I enjoy reading your blog regularly and it was great to hear you on Ed Verosky's podcast. Thanks for sharing your insights and experience with us.


Anonymous said...

( you dont need to post this so everyone sees this. Just informing you is all)

HI JIMMY :) I been a fan for a long while, since garage glamours FIRST website WAY BACK WHEN.
ANywho, lately I been noticing your pics have an orangish tint to the skin. Not sure if you knew, but i noticed it on a few different computer screens, before i sent you this message. Just letting you know, in case you didn't know.. Keep writing and thanks for being who you are. :)

Russ Turbide

jimmyd said...

@Russ: thanks for the heads-up. someone else told me the same. I've been processing on my 4 yr old laptop lately and I guess I need to calibrate it or get a new machine.