Thursday, January 26, 2012

Expelled from Facebook

A couple of weeks ago, I awoke and, as usual, soon found myself sitting in front of my computer, sipping coffee, checking my email, perusing the news, scanning my Twitter feed, and logging onto Facebook. Well, what I should say is attempting to log onto Facebook.

What I soon discovered was that Facebook had, without warning, disabled my account sometime during the night. "WTF???" I thought... and not by way of an acronym.

Yes. The powerful Facebook gods had disabled my account!

Much the way other gods generally operate, the Facebook gods do not feel obliged to reveal their divine reasons for doing things like kicking my account to the curb. All they felt inclined to reveal was that my account was disabled due to a "serious violation" of Facebook's TOS (Terms of Service) which, being the mortal sort of FB user I am, I apparently had committed, intentionally or unintentionally.

It seems there are TOS violations which are less serious and those which are seriously serious. What constitutes one or the other I have no clue. Nor, it seems, do the FB gods believe they have an obligation to reveal. I suppose that's because they're the Facebook gods and the rest of us are merely the product they're selling to their financial supporters. Sheepherders don't tell their sheep when they'll be sheared or whether they'll be offered up as lamb chops or culled from the flock for one reason or another. They just do those things, without warning or explanation. I suppose Facebook has a similar point-of-view.

It wasn't the first time I had experienced the wrath of the Facebook gods. But when they previously hurled lightning bolts at me, it was in the form of, as an example, not allowing me to upload photos for a few days. This time it was different. This time it was serious. This time they had 86'd my account altogether and cast me into some sort of Facebook purgatory to atone for sins I'm unaware I committed because I'm unaware of what they might be. BTW, yes, I have read Facebook's TOS and no, I don't believe I have publicly violated them.

Beyond being cast out of Facebook for some mysterious mortal sins which elude my ability to understand and which the FB gods do not deign to reveal, they also will not affirm whether my expulsion from Facebook paradise is permanent or temporary. It's been a few weeks now. I'm leaning towards permanent.

Assuming I did violate FB's TOS -- which I neither believe I have nor understand how I have -- and further assuming my violation was a serious capital offense rather than a cyber misdemeanor, it seems to me that, as a minimum, Facebook could (make that should) let me know whether my banishment is temporary or permanent. But, like other gods, the FB gods do whatever the fuck they want and feel no heavenly compulsion to explain their reasons for doing anything. You see, like most gods, the Facebook gods are sociopaths: They do what pleases them and have no conscience regarding what they decide to do.

If you were one of my 500 or so Facebook friends, or one of the over 2300 people who had clicked "Like" on my FB Pretty Girl Shooter photography page, and you were wondering where I had disappeared to, Facebook wise, well now you know. I'm sitting here atoning for my Facebook sins, whatever they might be and for however long that might be... perhaps forever.

The gratuitious eye candy at the top is adult industry performer, Sunny Lane.


Paps said...

I've seen the same thing happen on FlickR. Dana Richardson comes to mind. Somehow the ppl with banhammers on these popular sites seem to develop an internal set of guidelines instead of just following the TOS. At least I hope its on a personal basis, and not an internal policy.

Too bad this happens to you. I hope this has no monetary consequences. Then again, there is life after FB.

Bill Giles said...

Sorry to hear that. I'm on Facebook, but only minimally. I don't have any friends and I'm only there to be able to vote in some viewer's choice types of surveys. I'm not very interested in Facebook or Google+.

Rovingrooster said...

Thanks for letting your friends know what had happened to you. I miss your scathing political jabs. I'm glad you have your blog to exercise your free speech. John

Doc O Lov said...

Let us pray.

O Facebook God, we call Mark; tell your minions to restore Brother JimmyD to Facebook. It is true that we all suffer his loss. We are wondering what he will do with "Timeline" and what picture he will put up. We miss Jimmy's cognet commentary on the issues of the day. Newt and his sheep are running wild in the Facebook valley, and we need a cowboy to place them "back in their box." Oh Facebook god, we beseech thee to return Brother Jimmy to his rightful place and his friends on Facebook.

Log Out.

Dennis Oder said...

Do what the rest of the world is doing...move to G+.

jimmyd said...

@Dennis: I've had a Goggle+ account for some time now but I haven't done squat with it. That's probably gonna change, altho I'm not overly optimistic that Google will use methods to enforce its TOS any differently. We'll see, I guess.

Jay said...

Sorry to hear about your fb account friend. The trick I've learned is to have multiple facebook pages!

I have one for family that doesn't contain any images that "may" be offensive as well as a photography page for each state that I work out of. I make each account an admin of all my pages, this way, if one or two accounts get banned, I'll have three and four there. I also make my wife an admin as she doesn't add ANYONE lol.

Good luck to you and I hope the FB G*Ds show mercy and allow you back to the Garden of FB Eden.

D. said...

I don't get the attraction of FB, except now it seems everyone has to be there, interested or not. I goota be there so I can "friend" people I know or meet.

Still I find it more than offensive to be treated as a dumbass piece of meat to be sold, but, most don't mind. Google+? I am on it too, and compared to FB, it is sort of a desert. And it ain't a bit better as far as collecting and selling its meat---ummm, users info. In fact Google will modify its privacy policy March1 to allow them to collect even more information. They'd strip everyone naked to get it if they could, Pretty and Girl, or not.

I find it ironic that these places then try to act as if they are judges of right/wrong, moral/immoral.

Nick said...

Well shit, I had a PGS t-shirt photo I was going to post for you.

jimmyd said...

Hey Nick: Can you email it to me? Thanks!

womackphotokcmo said...

Jimmy...this is the new "civility".....

Grind said...

I was wondering ware you were !