Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pajama Party

I have a client who hires me every few months to shoot pretty girls in their PJs. They don't want the models to look overly glammed up or the photos too slick. On the other hand, they don't want the models or the pics looking *too* amateurish or home-snapped either. They want something in between those two ends of the shooting-hotties-in-their-sleep-attire spectrum.

As you might expect, the models, even when they're not especially experienced, are very comfy in their PJs right from the start. Wearing pajamas, even in a studio, out in the lights, and in front of a photographer seems to have that effect on them. In fact, the more experienced the model, the more difficult it becomes to direct them to appear more natural and lose their automatic posing and emoting responses of going into seductive siren glamour model mode.

It's always a fun shoot. One that I enjoy quite a bit. No doubt because wearing PJs -- and I'm not talking about the sorts of PJs Victoria's Secret calls PJs but everyday PJs like those you might buy at WalMart or Target -- automatically helps create a more casual and laid-back photo-shooting atmosphere. The models still look sexy in their pajamas, even when the PJs are flannel and not purposely designed to arouse. It's more a girl-next-door kind of sexy rather than your typical glamour sexy.

Perhaps next time I shoot for this client, I should wear some pajamas too? After all, Hef goes around in his PJs all the time! If I also wear pajamas the photo shoot will be as much a fun PJ party as it is a photo shoot.

On second thought, that might not be such a good idea. Making the models comfortable is always an extremely important factor for successfully shooting pretty girls. Seeing me in a pair of pajamas might scare them more than anything else.

The pretty girl in her PJs at the top is Kyleigh from this past Saturday's pajama party shoot.

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