Tuesday, April 17, 2012

World's Oldest Supermodel

World's oldest supermodel? That's what they're calling octogenarian model, Daphne Selfe. Who's calling her that? Well, the NY Daily News, the UK's Daily Mail, and E!, just to name a few.

Daphne created quite a stir when she recently modeled wearing a bra and corset ensemble first made famous by Madonna during her 1990 Blonde Ambition tour. That's Daphne wearing Madonna's costume in the picture on the left. Ms. Selfe, BTW, has been modeling since the 1950s.

Here's an article in the NY Daily News about the 83-year-old supermodel.

Personally, I think what Ms. Selfe is (still) doing is terrific in spite of that gawd-awful Madonna outfit. I'm not saying I'd regularly prefer viewing images of octogenarian fashion and glamour models, although there's probably some people who are totally into that, but it's refreshing -- well, maybe there's a better word than "refreshing" to describe my reaction, one that I can't think of right now -- let's say it's cool to see someone like Ms. Selfe, and at her age, doing something which ordinarily remains in the exclusive domain of much younger models.

Plenty of those much younger models, by the way, could benefit and probably learn a lot from Daphne, especially in terms of self-confidence... something that often projects itself, or fails to project itself, when they're out in the lights in front of a camera.

I definitely admire Ms. Selfe's hutzpah! You go girl!

Alrighty then. Much like clearing your palette by munching a cracker after drinking some fine, aged, wine while wine tasting, here's a pretty girl shot I snapped not too long ago featuring Dana on the left and Jessica on the right. (Click it to enlarge.)


Lorenzo said...

First of all, I really like your blog mostly because of your musings about photography in general and your down to earth attitude even though you are a real pro's pro. It's refreshing. This article in question really makes your point in many respects as to what makes a good photograph: an experienced model (very much so in this case) and a good photographer -no gimmics. Who cares about the camera he might have used!

You have indeed reached enlightment through zen photography.


jimmyd said...

Thanks for the kind words, Lorenzo. Much appreciated! :-)