Thursday, July 26, 2012

15 Photo Projects That Will Boost Your Creativity

My buddy, Ed Verosky, has come out with another most excellent e-book: 15 Photo Projects That Will Boost Your Creativity

I don't know about any of you but if there's one thing my photographic creativity can always use, it's some extra boosting. To help with that, Ed has put together 15 projects which are guaranteed to do just that!

Creativity is often misunderstood. A lot of people think it either comes naturally (for some) or it's something we have to wait around for until it strikes. You know, like a bolt of creative lightning.   I couldn't disagree more. While it's true there are a select few who are appear lucky enough to be naturally creative, or so they seem, or that it's sometimes like an "out of nowhere" epiphany -- which it sometimes is -- creativity is more often a process: A process which requires work and practice and more practice.

To that end and, as a means of helping you call on your creative juices when you need to, Ed's book provides 15 projects, or creative exercises, which will help you hone your creative abilities.

If you'd like to learn more about Ed's new e-book or purchase a copy for yourself, CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.

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