Monday, July 01, 2013

New eBook Released: Flash-Free Portrait Photography

Time to kick back and relax a bit. Why? Do I need a reason to do that?  Normally I don't but tonight I actually have one. A good one! After a few months of hard work, I finally released my new eBook today, "Flash-Free Portrait Photography: How to Shoot Awesome Portraits in Natural Light."

So far, I'm happy to report, sales are kicking butt! Plus, I've already received some most-excellent and near-instant feedback from a few people who purchased it and gave it a quick peruse. I think I'm going to celebrate while I'm relaxing. Yeah! Party time with me, myself, and I. And my cat too! Trust me when I tell you, my cat is a party animal! A feline ball-of-fur who knows how to have a good time.  And don't take that the wrong way! My cat and I have a totally normal cat-human relationship. Some might call it a platonic-catonic relationship. I'm her favorite human and she's my favorite cat. Actually, she's my only cat and I'm her only human but what difference does that make?  Plus, as far as the "I'm her favorite human" part, well, that's mostly driven by the fact that I cater to her every enigmatic cat-whim. But I don't care.  It still is what it is.

Yep, the cat and I are gonna get silly! And we're going to do it with refreshments. I rarely drink and tonight will be no exception but I'm still going to imbibe something extra special: An ice cold, 12 oz. Coke or two. What? a couple of Cokes doesn't sound too exciting? Before you make that call, know that they're not just any Cokes. They're Cokes in glass bottles! You know, like all Cokes used to be when dinosaurs still roamed the earth and my cat's ancestors still had saber tooths. (Saber teeth?)

My cat, of course, won't be sipping any Coke. She doesn't care much for soda no matter what brand or flavor. For her nocturnal party-time enjoyment, I'm going to raid the catnip stash. It's the good stuff!  The primo imported stuff!

Once I've hoisted a few glass-bottled Cokes to my parched lips -- it's been hotter than you-know-what in Southern California the last few days -- and my cat has had her way with the 'nip, I might even pull out the laser pointer and watch my all-wound-up kitty do circus tricks darting about the room like Sonic the Hedgehog while trying to catch the little, green, laser dot.

Anyway, if you'd like to learn more about my new eBook, perhaps even purchase a copy, CLICK HERE!  I'm signing off. My cat and I have some serious partying to do.


Peter Wine said...

Congrats on finishing your ebook!
As far as your celebrating, I hope you go for what I'd call the really good stuff and import some Mexican Coca-Cola with real sugar (instead of corn syrup.) I've heard that Pepsi has begun using real sugar again (throwback versions) but I don't know about Coke. (Glass bottles are cool, either way!)

Rick Horowitz said...

You almost sounded like you were high when you wrote this. ;) As in stoned out of your gourd. Or something.

Of one thing I'm sure, you were not "catatonic." Not even catapleptic or cataplectic!

Maybe that's because you realized your eBook is not a catastrophe!

Now, excuse me. I have to go buy an eBook from a friend.

jimmyd said...

@Peter: Yep! The bottled Coke I drank was of the Mexican variety with real sugar!