Thursday, September 26, 2013

Czech Republic Interview? Check.

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Dan, of Studio Prague -- Prague is a city in the Czech Republic if you didn't know, which you probably did -- posted an interview he conducted with me. I guess I'm now somewhat infamous in Prague, what with the handful of NSFW pics of naked women I've shot posted along with my words.

I read over the interview a few times and was happy to arrive at the conclusion I didn't come off like a dumb shit. I'm always a little leery of interviews and their potential for revealing a dumb-shit factor because, unlike writing articles for my blog, interviews don't always offer the opportunities to simply edit and rewrite the dumb-shit out of them.

If you're unaware of Dan or Studio Prague, he's the guy who put together those great posing guides featured in the right-hand column of this page. If you want to learn more about Dan's posing guides, click the graphics (on the right) or CLICK HERE.

There's really not anything more to say about the interview as it, make that I, speaks for itself/myself. You might want to check it out if you have a few minutes to spare and don't suddenly feel the need to organize your sock drawer or alphabetize your spice rack.  To read my interview with Dan and to see the photos, all of which have probably been posted on this blog at one time or another, you can do so by CLICKING HERE.

The gratuitous pretty girl above is Melanie, snapped in front of a white seamless. I used three lights: a 4' Photek Softlighter and a couple of small shoot-through umbrellas either side from slightly behind, plus a reflector (a LumoPro Lite Panel) directly under my main light and angled up to add a bit of gentle fill from below.


Winston Cooper said...

Yep Mr D...I am on Dan's site following his Nude tutorials and following his interviews, all thanks to your recommendation. Great interview with you!!

I am an old retired guy returning to photography as a hobbyist with an interest in nude art, mostly figure study of boomer ladies. Like you, at about 14, I was given my first cameras by my dad..a Speed-graphic 4X5 and an Argus C3, told you I was an old guy. Man how times have changed.

Anyhow wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you including how and with what you shoot those beautiful images you include in this blog. I have learned much from your musings and detailed data.

I am thinking on getting your Guerrilla Glamor book but had always thought of Glamor nude as including some clothing. I like them sweetly nude but not trashy. Does this book show lighting setups and posing ideas....?



jimmyd said...

Thanks for the kind words, Winston! The book does include some lighting setups but not a whole bunch of them. It talks about posing, expression, and that sort of stuff, and provides suggestions for getting what you're looking for out of models. More than a few people have told me the chapter in my book they enjoyed the most and found most illuminating was the chapter on working with models. In all my ebooks I try not to come off like I'm merely showing readers how to shoot photos that look like mine. Instead, I try to provide the kind of instruction that will help them develop their own styles, be it through lighting, composition, or the way their subjects are presented to viewers.

J Rune Nudz said...

Jimmy, how close is your model to the background? You didn't mention lighting the background in any way, yet it's pretty close to white in the image, so I'm guessing it's being lit by the key.

Joe R

jimmyd said...

@J Rune: She's not very close to the BG and I did not light it separately. I whitened it in post with some Photoshop brand bleach. ;-)

Dan Hostettler said...

Hello Jimmy, Mr D. here:)
Thanks again for the time you dedicated to my readers and myself!

Glad you like the outcome and thanks for posting a feature on your blog!

Have a great weekend!

Rick said...

Brother Jim;

Editing the blog--
Ansel Adams = famous
Pearl Harbor = infamous
Semantics, what can I say.

Off to read the interview.

Rick D.

Dana Manner said...

Hi JimmyD, Found your blog after reading your interview on Dan Hostettler's site.

I've only read a couple of your blog posts so far, but I like what I see here... Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience.