Friday, September 19, 2014

Ed Verosky's New eBook

My good friend, Ed Verosky, has just released a new ebook: "Introduction to Close-up and Macro Photography."  I had a chance to read it before it's release and, frankly, I had no idea there was so much more to close-up and macro photography than I might have imagined there was.  (I guess I've been living in a glam photography bubble or something.) That aside, I was quite impressed at the way Ed broke it all down, making it easy (as possible) to understand and, more importantly,  the way he provided me (and all of you) with all that I or you will need to know (and need to have) should I/You/We decide to begin shooting close-up and macro photos.

From close-up product photography to macro-shooting bugs and beasties, flowers, and all sorts of other things,  it's all between the virtual pages of Ed's new eBook.  If that's something that interests you, Ed's book is what you've been waiting for. (Even if you didn't know you were waiting for it.)

If you're interested in learning more about Ed's cool new ebook, just CLICK HERE.  Better yet, if you decide you're interested in purchasing a digital copy for yourself, you can do so and receive a 33% off the already low price of $15. But you'll need to act fairly quickly! Ed tells me the special discount code will only be good for a week. So, if you're interested in Ed's new book, and you want it at a terrific discount, simply use the discount code, DISCOUNT, in the shopping cart when checking out. (How's that for a clever discount code? DISCOUNT.)

You know what? As long as I'm telling you about great deals, I think I'll up the great-deal ante here and offer you another great deal.  From now till the end of September, you can purchase any (or all) of my ebooks for 25% off! That's right, 25% off the purchase price of any of my ebooks. All you need to do is provide that clever discount code, DISCOUNT, in the shopping cart for any or all of my ebooks as well. Links to all my ebooks are provided in the right-hand column of this page. If you've thought about buying any of my ebooks, now's the time. I haven't run a discount on them for quite some time and I have no plans to do so again in the near future. So get 'em while the getting is good!

Anyway, that's it. Check out Ed's terrific new ebook by CLICKING HERE. Purchase any of my ebooks for 25% off. Don't forget to use that discount code, DISCOUNT, for a 33% discount on Ed's new book and a 25% discount on any of mine.

So you can't say I withheld posting some eye candy because I was pimping a close-up/macro photography ebook, or even my ebooks for that matter, here's one from a while back.  It's the lovely and sexy Jenna Haze. Jenna scores high on my personal Pretty-Girl-O-Meter. I'll bet she pushes the needle in a very positive direction on your pretty girl meter as well.

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