Sunday, November 01, 2015

Live! From Prague!

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My friend, Dan Hostettler, an awesome pretty girl shooter based in the City of Prague (in the Czech Republic) recently produced a live streaming event and, by all accounts, including mine, it was a smashing success!

Dan's live-streaming event wasn't about simply placing a few consumer webcams in a studio. Nope. Not for Dan. Instead, he produced a full-blown video production with a professional crew using state-of-the-art gear. I was VERY impressed, not only with the production itself and the wealth of shooting technique Dan provided, but with the 'sold-out' number of viewers, world-wide, who watched, listened, and got interactively involved. (Dan limited his live 'pay-per-view' ticket sales to 500 viewers.) And Dan's model for the event?  Well, to say I would love to shoot a nude/glamour model of Ms. Melisa Mandini's beauty, allure, and skill would be an understatement. (And I'm a guy who has shot hundreds and hundreds of nude/glam models -- well over a thousand of them -- over the past couple of decades.)

Live streaming has become a big business and it's not all about streaming smut. (Although the "smut" end of the live-streaming biz is generating millions of dollars monthly.) Live streaming has many possible uses; education being one of them, including nude and glamour shooting education. Indeed, photography education of all kinds is ripe for streaming. (Think 'Creative Live') Streaming potential continues to grow, develop, and mature as modern technologies offer low-cost (compared to broadcast television) capabilities, making it possible for just about anyone to take advantage of. 

Dan's live event was so well-received (i.e., such a success) that he's planning at least two more for 2016.  In fact, Dan and I are discussing the possibility of yours truly traveling to Prague next summer and participating in his third live event. I lived in England for three years when I was in my twenties so I've already been to Europe in my life, but not to that part of Europe. I'm positively stoked about the potential for joining Dan for one of his future live events.

So hey! Don't take my word for the level of webcast quality Dan produced for his live-streaming event, check out the short video he edited together from the event (and more) by CLICKING HERE. (Caution: It's NSFW.)

The pretty girl at the top is Ashlynn. I snapped it a few weeks ago. I have an ongoing gig on Wednesday evenings to shoot a couple of models, each week, for an adult internet streaming company. (There's that "smut" thing I mentioned.)  It's an easy gig. I'm in-and-out quickly. I use their (crappy, low-end) lighting gear which is already set-up when I get there. Usually, I get about ten minutes with each model. Works for me! The small studio where it's shot is in Burbank, CA. Burbank is about a twenty or thirty minute drive from my home. I walk in, whip out my camera, shoot, the tech uploads from my card, I get paid and go home. My kind of piece-of-cake gig!

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