Thursday, April 02, 2009

Feasting After a Famine

For me, for the past year or so, work has been feast or famine. There were times when I was working my ass off and times when my ass was the thing I was sitting on, doing not much of anything work-wise. For the past couple of weeks I've been working my ass off, feasting as it were. In fact, so much so I feel entirely bloated! (Which is a good thing.) And, of course, more than a little fatigued. (Not such a good thing.)

One production I just finished was for 6-days and each day was 14-16 hours long. I ain't getting any younger! Working those kind of hours, especially when you add the commute to various locations--which makes those production days more like 16 to 18 hours long--makes them grueling and exhausting.

As much as I love blogging, I simply haven't had time to update much. Believe it or not, updating (or lack of updating) weighs heavily on me. Maybe it's my blogger's ego trying to convince me readers are anxiously waiting to read about my latest photographic exploits? Maybe it's just my ego in general? Maybe I'm delusional? I really don't know. All I do know is I look for opportunities to post updates even when I'm running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

I'm at a studio right now, in fact. But the girl I was supposed to be shooting at 9:00 this morning flaked and now we're waiting for the replacement body. General note to girls who get in front of cameras: If you think you're irreplaceable, think again. You may be all that, but you ain't all that AND a bag of chips!

Anyway, the flaking-feline has given me a little time to punch the keyboard and get something of an update on here. It ain't much, but it's something. And that something removes a bit of weight from my shoulders and, frankly, anytime I can remove a monkey off my back, even a small-ish, blogger monkey, I'm down for it.

The pretty girl at the top and below is December, 2008, Penthouse Pet Tori Black from last week. She's a vegetarian if that means anything. I only mention her eating habits because it stuck in my mind for some reason. Mostly, I guess, because she didn't look like a vegetarian. (Whatever it is vegetarians are supposed to look like.)

Tori captured with a Canon 5D and three lights. My main modified with a 5' Photoflex Octodome with a 3' diameter, white, Westcott reflector set below the Octo and angled up in sort of a half-clamshell configuration. I also set a couple of kickers, either side and behind her, modified with small, shoot-thru, umbrellas. ISO 100, f/8 @ 125. Not much processing on these other than cropping and levels adjustments. They're kind of like "what you see is what I snapped" pics.


Anonymous said...

How do you get a "replacement body" (that term just brings some funny connotations to mind :-) ) on such short notice? I imagine it might take an hour or so to phone around and find someone, plus at least an hour for the replacement (body) to get ready and make it through the traffic. At that time your MUA might already have to leave for her next appointment, and I assume that the premises aren't available to you on an open-end basis either. So how does it work in practice?

jimmyd said...

Getting a "replacement body" means phone calls to agents. Your right on the money with your time assessments: It took an hour to book another girl and another hour for her to get here. In today's case, the studio is owned by the client so no problem there. MUAs generally are given a "bump" to their rate for waiting around. The whole thing derailed my schedule for the day as I have a big shoot tomorrow for Hustler and still have a bunch of prep to do for it. So, all in all, I ain't too happy about today's happenings. The agent for the chick who flaked has already received the nastiest of emails from the client over the whole mess.

Riley said...

We miss you when you are gone.

jimmyd said...

@Riley, Thanks! I needed that.

Rick Horowitz said...

We miss you when you're gone and we love the fact that you not only post beautiful images, but tell a little about how they were shot.

Now if I could just get one of those Hustler gigs. (In my imagination, you're not only shooting something more interesting than a landscape, you're also getting paid a worthwhile bit -- AND you get the pleasure of knowing your work is going to be published!)

Frankly, I'd feel like I died and went to photographer's heaven.

And, btw, having shot naked women, I'm not saying what I'm saying in the usual "Man! Can I come help? I'll hold a reflector just to be near a nekked woman!" way. I just happen to like shooting naked women more than I like shooting landscapes. ;)

Anyway, keep up with your updates! (*eep* *eep*!)

jimmyd said...

@RickHorowitz, Well, the stuff I'll be shooting for Larry Flynt & Company will be web published rather than in the rag but it is a fairly decent payday!

Anonymous said...

Believe it or not I am an addict of your blog and it isn't just the pretty models ;), you aren't trying to get us to buy gear or photoshop actions, you aren't trying to shove a "ism" or dogma we should live and shoot photos for, and you have an objective insight about photography in general, all of this traits are very rare to find in a photography blog, add that your humorous style and your deep knowledge about photography and you have me checking PGS blog every day! :)So it isn't your ego! :)

Ugh.. worst than flaking is that the model arrives with a hang over :(... it happened to me once, thanks goodness the model was hired through a model agency and I had nothing to do there but I stepped in to help find another model that could replace the vodka smelling model.... LOL I guess this is the kind of stuff that helps you valorate real talent and people that takes this stuff seriously in the end :).

Both photos are beautiful :) as always awesome work and I am really glad you are having such a bunch of work, if you are too tired I can help lugging gear I don't mind hahaha :D j/k!!

My best wishes


Tom said...

Hey Jimmy, where the hell were you?
I was anxiously waiting to read about your latest photographic exploits.

jimmyd said...

@Tom, While I was busy exploiting photography! :-)

Anonymous said...

You had a big feast yesterday. Finger licking good!

Justa_Newbie said...

I have to admit, I DO look forward to what you have to say MR. D..
It's a great thing to be able to peak into and share some of the life of a person as talented as you.
The fact that you are willing to share with us as you do is , to me , an honor for me. Thanks , and share all you want, i know i'll be here to read it, often! :-)

Jesse said...

love the shots man and i agree these girls flake all the time and for that they can be replaced!
love the shots I'll be sure to ask more of my models if there vegetarians they have quite the healthy glow to them as u have so effortlessly captured.
- Jesse