Sunday, April 05, 2009

Finally! GWCs Get Some Respect!

Hat tip to PGS reader, Kenn Ellis, for the heads-up to the first (?) and only (?) photography site dedicated to GWCs:

Wronkled says, "Every month, we'll showcase the best style to give you that 'pro' look, and the best techniques to convince them you're for real."

We all know who the "them" are, right? Yup. Hot chicks, of course. Specifically, those of "them" ready and willing to get in front of a camera and flaunt their assets.

If you're a faux-tographer, or maybe even an actual photographer, you'll find Wronkled filled with tips and techniques designed to help you in your quest to get that "Perfect 10" dangling off the front of your lens.

Tough economic times a problem? No problem. Wronkled tells you how to make the crummy economy work for you.

Looking for actual photography tips? Wronkle has them too. Even if you have no intentions of using them when lining up a great pair of tits in the crosshairs of your viewfinder.

If you're a dedicated GWC looking to improve your game. Or even if you're a serious photographer looking for a few cheap laughs, Wronkled has something for you.

The pretty girl at the top is Jenna from last week. It was evening by the time I had Jenna in front of my camera. I set her under an exterior staircase and used my 5' Photoflex Octodome for a main light, then set a couple of more strobes on the other side of the stairs, modified with small shoot-thru umbrellas, angling them to produce the shadows on the wall behind Jenna as well as some highlights on her right side. Canon 5D, ISO 100, f/5.6 @ 160.


Lin said...

Truly boggling. Now I've seen everything!

Tim said...

I love how the lines and diagonals work together with the model's pose in this picture! PS: Was this the "replacement body" for the chick which flaked last week?

jimmyd said...

@Tim, Thanks! And no... this was a completely different production shoot.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahaha "Handbra Techniques"???????????????? noooooooooooo :| hahahahahahaha this site is HILLARIOUS, at first I thought it was serious until I saw that in the staff video is the Bruce Testones documental :P

Thanks for sharing :)

Wishing you the best


Christopher Ambler said...

Hey, glad you liked Wronkled! It was such a hit, we're considering updating it with more content beyond the April Fool joke.