Saturday, June 27, 2009

No More Pennies From Heaven

Apparently, Google, for whatever reason, has removed its AdSense ads from this blog. I have no evidence, forensic or otherwise, hinting at why they've done so. The ads are simply gone.

Google's AdSense ads ran here for a couple of years. Now, suddenly, poof, they're history.

I've received no email or other communication from Google advising me they've taken this action or why. I'm guessing it might have something to do with the pictorial content I post? Perhaps a complaint registered by one of Google's advertisers? Who knows? Google is a company built on providing information except, it seems, when that information concerns decisions they might make, i.e., decisions effecting their individual users, associates, or affiliates.

Looks like I'm back to writing for free instead of writing for pennies.

I'm not overly perturbed about this.

There was a time I would have been outraged but, in my half-century-plus on this planet, I've learned to accept that hypocrisy remains alive and well, always will, and exists in nearly infinite forms.

I would dwell on this subject a bit more but I've got better things to do with my time, like reorganizing my sock drawer or alphabetizing my spice rack.

Oh! Wait! I don't have a spice rack!

Oh well.

Thanks for all those penny-generating clicks you guys provided!

The pretty girl at the top is Monica. For some reason, the pic seems to illustrate my currently bemused attitude towards Google's AdSense.


Anonymous said...

Jimmy, I think the new California legislation (budget bill AB178) to collect sales tax revenue maybe the culprit.

Paps said...

"Do no evil"


(did I say that out load?)

jimmyd said...


Not sure how collecting sales tax would be the culprit. I'm not selling anything. What is there on the blog that would require me to collect sales tax? I'm simply writing a blog, hosted by Google Blogger, who put links (Google's AdSense ads) to others who actually are selling something. Are you saying AB178 says Google, or anyone else, cannot post ads on sites whose (non-taxable) content originates in the State of California?

Justa_newbie said...

If enacted, it will probably eliminate most affiliate programs as we participate in them in California.
(budget bill AB178)
If the bill passes as written, it will require the sites, to collect and remit California sales tax if those sites, to which you link, continue to keep you as an affiliate. ( if any sales are made from someone who clicked the link on your website, they have to collect CA. sales tax)

If they dump you, they don't have to collect any sales taxes.

jimmyd said...

@Justa Newbie,

If that happens, I would understand yanking the ads. But that's still in the realm of "if." Since AB178 has yet to be passed and codified into law, why would Google start yanking ads now? In anticipation of something that might happen?

Christopher said...

Jimmy, I have no proof that this is the reason. But I have google ads on my work site. Part of the deal is that you can't click on the ads yourself and can't say "hey click here" you can't even have ads that say click here even if they are not google ads but are placed with the google ad... So maybe they read your blog and love it as they should be pulled the ads cause they pay per click and if you are just clicking for pennies they they are not real clicks... Again no proof but it is the first thing to come to mind reading the blog.

So on to better things... When is the JimmyD workshop going to happen... if the photogods are on my side, I would love to attend.


jimmyd said...


I don't click on the ads, if that's what you're saying. Never have except for a coupla occasions when an ad tweaked my interest.

As for workshops, I'm focused on producing the DVD first, which is happening as we speak. The workshops will follow. I guess that means I have a master-plan. It's not exactly a master-plan to conquer the world but it's a plan nonetheless.

Lin said...

See point 2. You're not allowed to ask or encourage people to click on your ads, which I think you've done (jokingly) once or twice. This is probably the cause. V. narrow minded of Google, if you ask me. But then nothing they do surprises me any more.

jimmyd said...


Well, I suppose "guilty as charged" if that's why they 86'd me. I didn't manipulate or use deception to encourage clicks but, if you can't even mention to folks those ads are there and jokingly write about things like "pennies from heaven" or writing for pennies vs. writing for free (which seems pretty freakin' lame to me) I guess I've done that.

Google ads have produced less revenue, directly or indirectly, than anything else I've attempted on the blog... except the PayPal donation button which, I should mention, has produced a few bucks here and there. (Thank you to those who generously donated!)

Regardless, I don't think I'll be filing for bankruptcy anytime soon as a result of Google pulling the ads.

Anonymous said...

In every example people provided here there's something missing:

While it may be a rule of google that they think it was broken or something that's related to a law about to be passed in California the missing link is google saying:
-"we are sorry but we have to remove ad sense from your blog for "X" reason determined in section "Y" of our TOS"


-"with the incoming law to be passed in California we think it will not be benefitial to our clients, you and your affiliates, so we removed it"

I guess they don't have a super computer script for this issue and they forgot how to do it themselves in google docs and paste...

How they are handling this issue seems to be rude.

my best wishes to you!

jimmyd said...



That's my biggest gripe.

Anonymous said...


I suspect that the same people who reported your blog for "adult content" and put your blog behind a web version of a chinese wall also reported your AdSense. You see, if you click on any Adsense Ad where it says, "Ads by Google" or "Google Adsense", you are taken to a website where you can comment on the advertising as well as report a site for violations. So those with nothing better to do can "report" those sites that might come close to violating TOS.

Just a theory, who knows for sure.


Grind said...


Why would they mind the content ? MM uses adwords and the content is on the same level, and projected date for the DVD how about a main list to let us know !

jimmyd said...


The DVD is promised to our sponsor before the end of 2009, i.e., finished, replicated, and packaged.

Currently, writing script and other pre-production planning and scheduling.

Actual production begins this coming month at various locations.

After that, editing, authoring, packaging art, printing and replication.

When the release date is firmed up I'll begin offering it, possibly with early bird discounts. (altho marketing, sales, and distribution is not singularly my responsibility.)

Anonymous said...

Jimmy, The ad on your site creates legal "nexus" for the out of state mecrhant advertised thus causing them to be liable to collect california sales tax. Although they may have no physical location within the state it creates a legal presence. It's just a legal concept to force sales tax collection onto the merchant, which is easier to sue and collect than a thousand California consumers.

Lou said...

Yeah, I'm going to go with the whole "asking people to click on the ads" explanation. That's a HUGE no-no to Adsense, as it completely games the system, and causes AdWords advertisers to lose money since there's no real "interest" in clicking on the ads, costing them click costs without any ROI. Hence the taboo-ness of it.

Sucks man, but hey, there's always Adbrite or Yahoo Ads. :D

Or contact Adsense and apologize and promise to not do it again.