Friday, June 19, 2009

Time Flies When You're Having Fun!

Time flies when you're shooting every day. It's been nearly a week since I've updated the blog! A week!

Besides working with a whole bunch of pretty girls for LFP/Hustler this past week, some really cool stuff has gone down regarding the PGS DVD: Our first sponsor is officially on board!

For those who haven't already guessed, that sponsor is Innovatronix, Inc., the company that brings you, amongst other cool stuff, the ExplorerXT: The dopest, Pure Sine Wave Inverter, portable power units in the known universe. Leastwise, in my neck of the known universe.

If you have a sec, do me a favor and click on Innovatronix's links I just provided. (Or on the graphic in the right-hand column.) Show them some pretty girl shooting love! Doing so isn't about pennies from heaven raining on Jimmy, like when you click on those Google AdSense links, it's simply helping me thank them for becoming a Pretty Girl Shooter DVD sponsor.

I'm also in contact with another manufacturer: A quality, photo/lighting gear company who is considering becoming a sponsor. Not gonna tip my hat. Don't know if it will come to pass. We're still just yakking back and forth. I'm just saying and, hopefully, by doing so, putting some good vibes out there while they consider my proposal.

And BTW, I'm not intending on turning the DVD into one big commercial or infomercial for a bunch of photo companies. I'm limiting the advertisements to two sponsors. That's all. Just two companies who will each have a short "spot" on the DVD. In fact, I've so far only approached two companies and I'm batting .500. If a second sponsorship doesn't become reality, no biggie. The DVD is still gonna be produced. We'll just go with one advertisor. Production is scheduled to begin no later than the middle of July... with or without a second sponsor.

As it stands right now, the DVD will be out before the end of the year. You'll be able to purchase direct, via this blog or another Pretty Girl Shooter website that has yet to be unveiled-- I also have the domain,, by the way. The DVD will also be available at select retail outlets as well on-line through various websites.

I'm stoked! I'm planning some cool stuff for the DVD including informative appearances by some very special and well-known people in the world of glamour photography. Ya see, other than the pretty girl models, it ain't gonna just be my mug you're looking at or my voice you're listening to on the DVD. Did I just hear the collective sounds of many sighs of relief? No matter. I'll keep ya posted as this stuff develops.

The DVD has one, major, overall goal: To help it's viewers become better shooters! Oh yeah, and also to put a couple of bucks in my pocket. I guess that's two goals. Oh well! One goal, two goals, probably more. What can I say? I'm a no bullshit kind of guy and I'm not gonna act like I'm doing this strictly for altruistic reasons... even though I am a regular, albeit occasional, practitioner of altruism.

Speaking of "time flies," the pretty girl at the top is Paola from a couple of years ago. Damn! Seems like just yesterday I snapped Paola's pics. I shot Paola with my Canon 5D w/ an 85mm prime. Used three lights to illuminate her: A Novatron M500 modified with a Photoflex 5' Octodome for the main, plus a couple of Novatron M300s, on either side, for kickers. I probably also had a reflector or two worked into the mix, as well as a fan, off to the side, to blow her gorgeous mane.


Anonymous said...

Jimmy, love the blog, keep it up you're an insperation to us all. How do you remember lighting set ups from so long ago, are you good at writing everything down ?

jimmyd said...

@anon, I can look at the pic and, since I lit it and I light a lot of my stuff in very similar ways--mostly cuz the majority of my clients expect a certain lighting look--I know where the lights are and how many of them I used. Also, I'm pretty good at recreating lighting by looking at a pic and "reading" what the photographer has done, lighting-wise.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy, if you ever feel the urge to write about what kind of lighting has caught your eye in the work of others, how you "read" it, and apply it to your own work I'd find that real interesting. I really enjoy your blog... Pancho