Friday, May 28, 2010


Yesterday, my son-in-law accused me of being obsessed with the e-book I'm writing. I wasn't sure how to take that. I asked what he meant and he said that all it seems I've been doing for the last month or so, day and night, is working on that book.

"Yeah. You're point is?" I asked him.

"Don't you think you should pace yourself a little?" He asked.

"What does pace myself mean?" I asked with a not-so-polite tone, mustering as much of a curmudgeon-like 'tude as I could. "Slow down? Take my time? Stretch this thing out for months? A year? Get a cane? A walker? What?"

"No," he said, now looking a tad timid. "Maybe you should just take your time with it a bit more."

"Why?" I answered. "I know I'm getting old... older... but it's not like I'm going to have a heart attack or stroke-out from writing a freaking e-book or thinking about it too hard."

"You just seem like you're totally obsessed with it," he said.

"I am," I ired back point-blank. "I am obsessed with it."

And it's true. I am. I've been totally obsessed with this ebook for about a month. More, counting the research I did before starting to write. Why? I suppose because, unlike the writing I do on this blog which is free for everyone to read, I'm going to charge for the ebook. Granted, I'm not charging that much. Leastwise, I don't think it's too much. Is $9.95 too much for about 60 or 70 pages, chock full of great information and pics and more for anyone shooting or wanting to shoot glamour?

Obviously, I suppose, it depends on whether the book is good or it sucks. And that's why I'm obsessing: I'm trying my best to make sure it doesn't suck! And that it's worth every penny of the $9.95 I'll be asking for it.

What's wrong with that?

Nothing, in my opinion.

The pretty girl at the top is one whose name I can't recall. Since I'm still in a curmudgeonly mood due to all the obsessing I've been doing, plus considering I'm in my dotage -- according to my son-in-law, that is -- I'm refusing to take the time right now to figure out her name. Instead, I'll probably just chug a bottle of Geritol or prune juice and go to bed. That aside, she's sexy, ain't she? I do remember I shot this and other pics of her for Playboy/Club Jenna at a location house somewhere in the Hollywood hills. But that's about all I remember. Maybe I am getting old? Where the hell's that bottle of ginkgo biloba pills I bought?

Wishing everyone a great holiday weekend! Let's never forget those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom!


Rick Horowitz said...

What the F is taking so long on that ebook?! Tell that pesky son-in-law to quit interrupting. I'm not gettin' any younger, you know! said...

These kids with their MTV attention span...craftsmanship takes focus and commitment - did Da Vinci paint the Eiffel Tower in day? NO!

PS mark me down for a copy when you're done.

rovingrooster said...

You keep on obsessing Jimmy. Get your e-Book done. And then finish your DVD. I can't wait.

Joshua said...

Keep obsessed and make it amazing. thank you.


PoCrizzle said...

it sounds like this guy may have hard work & focus confused w/obssessing...

JB said...

I'd have to agree with PoCrizzle. As I get older, I seem to notice a general confusion among younger folks. It seems that the term "Obsession" is liberally substituted for many other things. Maybe it's justification for the inability or unwillingness of some younger folks to Focus on a project to it's completion. Terming it an "Obsession" makes it a negative thing, and thusly justifies their behavior.

Curmudgeonly enough?

jimmyd said...

@JB: What's interesting is my son-in-law is a very hard worker and jumps into projects with much energy and determination.

Each Halloween, for instance, he constructs a maze in the front yard that includes his friends playing scary characters in costumes and with all kinds of lighting and props and sound effects. It has become an annual, quite well-known attraction in the neighborhood. People bring their kids from quite a distance to see it, go through it, and enjoy it.

Each year, he becomes quite obsessed, for the entire month of October, designing and building this Halloween attraction. Yet he accuses me of being "obsessed" with my project? One that will earn some money rather than simply costing money and being put-on for the enjoyment of strangers?

You might be right. It might be the word has come to mean something different with younger people. What, I'm really not sure. But different, it seems, than what it actually means.

John said...

I was going to put it off to son-in-law/father of the bride competition, but if you're so distracted you can't recall the name of the lovely lady whose image graces today's ramblings...
I don't know, Mr. D., this can't be healthy.

Rich C. said...

Jimmy! Keep at it, I've been a follower of your blog writings for a few years now, and I for one would be happy to see the results of your concentrated writing. Obsession isnt a bad thing, especially when trying to offload a huge level of information into a small form factor (i.e. a book) - Good luck! And I'm looking forward to it.