Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Guerrilla Glamour

If you've read my last few updates, you're aware I'm authoring an e-book on glamour photography. I'm calling it, "Guerrilla Glamour: How to Get In, Get Out, and Get the Shot!"

The book is more than 80% complete and I will have it available for purchases and downloads sometime this coming month. Perhaps even within the next two weeks. At this point, it looks like I'm going to kick off selling the book at $9.95.

The book targets photographers who are newish-to through intermediate levels of glamour photography experience. It assumes readers have a fairly good understanding of basic photography or other genres.

I've been working my butt off on this project and the finish line is finally in sight. I'm guessing it will end up being somewhere between 65 and 80 pages at its finished length. I still have some writing to do, plus more pics, graphics, and diagrams to add. Then, final editing, putting together the cover (and other) artwork, and putting up a simple website to host it.

Here's an excerpt from the book's "Forward." Hopefully, this might give you an idea about some of the book's contents, and its style and tone. I'll be posting more info as I get nearer to completion and ready to market it.

"In warfare, guerrilla fighters make do with less. They don't fight with the benefits of the latest weapons technologies. They rarely have satellite imagery, GPS, or microwave communications to aid them. They're not equipped with night-vision goggles while riding in steel-plated Humvees. They don't sport body armor, can't call in air support or utilize drone surveillance. They rarely have the advantages of fighting with the latest, high-tech, cutting-edge, spiffy stuff many modern armies possess. Instead, they have basic weapons, their own wits, courage, cunning, skill, knowledge, and a fierce determination to win. That's why guerrilla forces are so often hard to beat, even when the latest-and-greatest battle-field technologies and strategies are thrown against them.

The same holds true for photography. While one person might be shooting with all the latest-and-greatest camera and lighting equipment money can buy and the next is shooting with more commonly-seen gear, guess what? The shooter with more ordinary stuff is, often enough, just as likely to capture photos as good, perhaps better than, the gear-head with all the really neat and expensive photo-toys. While this book does not intend to suggest which gear you should buy or to review or compare equipment in the marketplace, I will try to steer you towards certain types of equipment well-suited to snapping great photos of the models in front of your cameras. Often that equipment is moderately priced if not outright inexpensive. Some of it is nearly free.

What Guerrilla Glamour is mostly about is helping shooters become a photographer's version of a guerrilla fighter. To that end, I'll try to pass on skills and techniques that will help you shine as a glamour photographer. It's not about learning to shoot like me. It's about learning to shoot in ways that, coupled with your own creativity, imagination, and determination, will help make you the fierce, adaptable, courageous, cunning, kick-ass, roll-with-the-punches, Guerrilla Glam shooter you should be. One who knows how to get in, get out and, most importantly, get the shot!"

The gratuitous eye-candy at the top is Lorena from a year or so ago. Captured with a 5' Octo-modified main light, couple of shoot-thru brollys for highlights, and a reflector for fill. That was a tough day: I shout about a dozen or more girls and had 10-15 minutes with each of them. It was a pretty girl assembly line: In the chair for hair and makeup, in front of Jimmy for stills, and out.


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