Thursday, July 08, 2010

Guerrilla Glamour: Finally Complete!

Finally! It's done, complete, finito!

Not only that, but the web page is up, I've uploaded the product to the server and have all the mechanisms in place for purchases and downloads.


That was a lot of friggin' work!

But it's done. And I'm oh-so-happy about that.

Alrighty then. Now for the pitch. (You knew there was gonna be a pitch, right?)

First, the obligatory "Trust Me" words: Being a straight-up, no bullshit, kind of guy, I don't think I've ever knowingly mislead anyone from the pages of this blog. Certainly, not when it's been about buying decisions--your buying decisions--and recommending products to any of this blog's readers.

So, in the spirit of honesty, truth in advertising, and responsible enterprise, I'm going to steer some of you to my book, hopefully quite a few of you, while risking sending some of you away. I know, I know... Call me crazy! I'm probably violating some sacred rules of commerce and business here but that's how I roll. I'd rather collect a few more karma points and let it cost me a couple of bucks.

Next, the General Information Stuff: Below are a few FAQs, i.e, Frequently Asked Questions, with answers, even though no one has asked me anything yet. (I'm just trying to stay ahead of things.)

1. Who Is This Book For?

Picture in your mind some kind of a curve. Let's call your curve a "Learning Curve." On that curve, I'd like you to plot where you are as a photographer, specifically, a pretty girl shooting photographer. If you've pin-pointed yourself anywhere between raw beginner through intermediate, this book is, quite possibly, for you. If you see yourself as being well on the plus-side of intermediate and thru advanced, or somewhere approaching super-star status, this book is probably not for you. If you plotted a special place for GWCs on your curve (in the usual definition of the term/acronym) and you want to shoot some really good, sexy pics of hot chicks--doing it better than you might be doing so--this book is also for you. That was easy, no? Now you know who should buy Guerrilla Glamour, the ebook, and who should not.

2. How Much Book Is There?

Guerrilla Glamour has one-hundred-and-one (101) pages from cover-to-cover. Within those pages there's a Foreward, an Introduction, Nine Chapters, a Conclusion, and some Thank Yous and Acknowledgments. There's quite a few photos as well as some diagrams, plus there's lots of words. The book is, I'll admit, more words than pictures. But that's not to say there aren't plenty of pictures. I didn't go too light on that. If you really like pictures along with your words, especially pictures of hot models in varying stages of undress, they're there. The book's tone is somewhat conversational and I've tried to be concise and remained focused.

3. Speaking of Focus, What Does Guerrilla Glamour Focus On?

Obviously, photography. Specifically, glamour photography. More specifically, it focuses on gear, lighting, composition, production, post-production, models, and more. BTW, it talks a lot about models, i.e., finding them, interacting with them, working with them, directing them, posing them, getting emotion and attitude out of them, and gaining and maintaining rapport with them. That's not to say there isn't plenty of words and pictures about that first stuff I mentioned, the lighting and composition and such. But it's also true I've written a fair amount about the models: Those beautiful, sexy, alluring women who are the objects of our photographic desires.

4. What's With the Guerrilla Theme?

I decided to use guerrilla fighters as an analogy for glamour photographers. No, the book isn't about waging war unless you look at it from the perspective of waging war against average, pedestrian, mediocre, glamour photography. That is, fighting that war with less equipment, lower cost gear, and little to no formal training. It's also about keeping production and post-production processes straight-forward, simple, and automatic. Guerrilla Glamour helps you choose the right gear (not the most expensive gear) and encourages you to take the easiest approach to the work without multiplying difficulty and complexity beyond necessity. In other words, it's about making glamour photography as strategically and tactically simple as possible (but not simpler) with the end results being great photos of gorgeous women with less cost in time, money, and effort.

Hey! If you want to read more about it, I suggest you go to my Guerrilla Glamour site and check it out! You can CLICK HERE or click on the banner in the right-hand column. Either way, it takes you to the same destination.


Dom said...

Fabulous news, Mr D! I bought my copy as soon as I saw your update and am looking forward to reading it thoroughly and learning from your expertise. I'm planning to arrange some model shoots in the next few weeks, so this couldn't have come at a better time.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy the books tag line. It's perfect.

Anonymous said...

I read your book from top to bottom and plan to use some of the insight I received from it on Sunday.

Good job man now get to work on that dvd brother.

Rick D.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your hard work and effort in putting this book together. Excellent.


Darkmans Darkroom said...

wheres the link for affiliates to sell your book?

jimmyd said...


Putting an affiliate page together but, in the meantime, here's the link:

Ashley Karyl said...

Well done for completing the book Jimmy. I know it's a lot of work but you got there in the end!

jimmyd said...


Thanks, man! And thank you for all your help, advice, and suggestions. It was and remains very appreciated!

Lee said...

Nice addition to my new eBook library. Good info in this one and helpful advice. Thanks, Jimmy.