Monday, July 12, 2010

Sometimes, It's the Not-So-Simple Things That Make You Happy!

Sometimes, it's the simple things in life that make you happy. Other times, it's the not-so-simple things.

Sales of my newly-released ebook, Guerrilla Glamour, are going really well and, while it wasn't so simple putting everything together, it's making me quite happy to report this!

BTW, it ain't simply about the fattening of my PayPal account that's putting a smile on my face. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't concerned about readers' responses to the book. It took me hours to gather the courage to click the button that turned everything on and put the book out there, for better or for worse, for people to buy, download, and read.

"What if people think it sucks?" was a question that crossed my mind more than a few times. Happily, I've received nothing but supportive and encouraging responses!


I mean, how bad would it suck to put that much time and effort into something only to have people think it sucks?

Really bad! That's how bad.

I slept much better once I started getting feedback.

Anyway, I want to send out a special thanks to the many who have purchased and downloaded the book. If you're on the fence and can't decide whether to get your own copy, go to Guerrilla Glamour dot com and check out what some people are saying about Guerrilla Glamour. It's not a complete accounting of the many remarks and comments I've received but, I hope, it will give you a pretty good idea of the general tone of the many responses I'm receiving.

The pretty girl at the top is Maya, snapped sometime last year in a jail-cell set. Three lights: 5' Octo for the main and a couple of small, shoot-thru brollies for kickers, behind and either side of her. Also set a couple of black flags or some black foil (can't remember which) to keep the kickers from spilling too much on the block wall behind her. Didn't bother with a fill reflector, in front and opposite the main, as I wanted to see a bit more shadow definition on the subject.


The Boatwriter said...

Your book doesn't suck. I haven't read it all yet, but so far it's pretty good, lots of info simply and clearly presented. I was happy to find lots of text and not just pic after pretty girl pic -- which are fine, but we've seen plenty of them on PGS. For 10 bucks, it's a good deal.

Thanks for not opening with a chapter on how we need this camera, this lens, these lights, these backdrops, a studio the size of Versailles and access to Playmates of the Year to make good PG pix. That alone makes your book stand out.

So, when's the sequel coming out?

Eric said...

I'm with "The Boatwriter." I didn't feel inadequate because I have Alien Bees instead of Profotos or that I bought a Tamron lens because it fit into my budget better than a lens 5x the cost. Can't wait to see your next one.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jimmy D, Your ebook rocks. What I'm learning from it is very applicable to portrait photography. So it is pretty much 2 for the price of one.
If you ever start doing workshops, keep a spot for me. Your book has just won you a fan.