Monday, November 01, 2010

Guerrilla Headshots

I was really hoping this post wouldn't even mention ebooks. But just last night, I released my 2nd ebook, Guerrilla Headshots.

After working on it for nearly two months, how can I not announce that's it's now available?

Because it is.

Available, that is.

If you want to check it out, maybe even purchase it, you can do so by CLICKING HERE or on the banner I just put in the right-hand column.

BTW, if you have a few spare moments to read a review of Guerrilla Glamour by someone out there in the blogosphere, it's right HERE. I can barely fit my head through the doorway after reading that short review and I promise I didn't bribe the blogger. (Nor did I send him a free "review"copy of the ebook. Apparently, he bought one.)

Ok. I'll keep this announcement mercifully short. In fact, I'll end it right now. Thoughtful, aren't I?

The pretty girl at the top having a crazy hair day is Aurora.


Tom Nguyen said...

I'm only about 1/4 way done with Guerrilla Glamou, but I've already ordered Guerrilla Headshots. I'm liking what I'm reading so far; straight to the point and simple to understand. Thanks again, Jimmy...

Anonymous said...

Jimmy, while I appreciate all your work and I have purchased both your books as well as all the ones you recommended... I would appreciate it even more if you change the fact that the purchasing your books show up on my CC Statement as "Pretty Girl"

I could always show my significant other the ebook, but I would rather curtail the question beforehand.

jimmyd said...


Hmmm.... i can see why that might not be two words you want your wife looking at on you CC statement. I'm not sure why it shows up that way as the sites that sell the books don't have "pretty girl" in the url or site name. I'm guessing it might be because my paypal account uses my email address that does include those two words, or maybe it's that the same email is listed with ejunkie (the shopping cart provider) I'll look into it and maybe I can change that without screwing things up with either my Paypal or ejunkie accounts.