Saturday, December 11, 2010

Just Thinking Out Loud

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I have two projects I'm currently working on. One of them is all writing and the other is writing and shooting. I'll probably begin shooting for project #2 right after Christmas. As you might imagine, having two simultaneous projects is taking up a fair amount of my time. But hey! Business sucks. (In terms of being a "gun-for-hire") so I've got the time. Might as well spend it doing something productive, right?. In this case, doing two things at the same time that are productive.

I've been giving a lot of thought to expanding my photographic horizons and pursuing work other than glamour and tease. It's not that I don't love shooting beautiful, sexy women. I do! But there's less and less work coming my way so, beyond my personal projects, it's probably time to branch out. I mean to seriously look to branch out!

Course, I have no freakin' clue in which direction I might move. It's definitely not going to be things like weddings, family and event photography and that sort of stuff. I still shoot headshots as part of my quest to continue making a living with cameras in my hands. And I still get hired to hold a video camera. In fact, Next week I'm scheduled to shoot some web-commercials for a new dog-training device that will soon be marketed to consumers.

Still, my passion is photography and, beyond the decreasing glam work, the headshots, the video shooting, I think I need to figure out where, as a photographer, I want to direct myself. Suggestions, as always, are welcome even though it's unlikely anyone will suggest an area I haven't already thought about.

I would love, of course, to be shooting simply for myself. But I wasn't exactly Mister Fiscally Responsible for most of my life so I still need to earn. That's not a complaint, by the way. I'm ready, willing, able, and enthusiastic to continue pursuing a career. Authoring and selling ebooks has been great. I've done quite well with that so far. It's not enough, however, to support myself. Even with the shooting gigs I'm still getting there's not enough to comfortably live. I'm definitely at that age where comfort is important. That's why I'm looking outside my own, little, comfort box, hoping to expand to a bigger, wider, taller comfort box, if you will.

That's Tera Patrick up top in some very Xmas-ee lingerie. (Obviously, more "X" than "mas")


Lawrence said...

As a follower of your blog for quite some time, let me make a suggestion.

I originally suggested to show more BTS photos, but did you ever think about doing a video tutorial via DVD and downloadable electronic format?

You have a lot of experience and I am sure you can start a series which people will purchase.

There are already a lot out there, but not many (or none that I know of) cover glamour.

I hope you decide to go this route. I would personally love to have this.

Anonymous said...

Great photos.
We have a lot to learn.
Dyna :)

Robert said...

I am in total agreement with Lawrence here, but I also feel that you are feeling somewhat stagnant Jimmy. If you could somehow combine your passion with another profitable venture, we would all benefit, if not, we wish you the best of luck in whatever it is you pursue, just at least keep this blog going for your followers. :)

Fusion Photo

jimmyd said...

@Robert: Thanks! No intention of quitting blogging. If what I share helps others, that's awesome. It definitely helps me, either by putting my thoughts into personal perspective or, occasionally, as angst relief.