Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How Do You Prefer Learning?

Some people mostly prefer learning by reading. Others prefer watching and listening. Still others enjoy any number of the many ways available to enhance their photography skills: e-books, hard-cover books, tutorials (video or other), workshops, seminars and more. If you're a long-time reader, you know I'm not a guy who pimps too many products on this blog. Mostly, when I've done so, its been about books, e-books, either my own or a select few authored by others.

I know many of you are committed to, amongst other things, learning as much as possible about creating beautiful light with minimal gear. That's why I'm writing today to tell you about Phil Steele's online video course called "How to Shoot Professional-Looking Headshots and Portraits on a Budget with Small Flashes." Phil adheres to the same guerrilla-shooting approaches that are the foundations of my first two e-books, Guerrilla Glamour and Guerrilla Headshots.

Like my e-books, Phil Steele's programs do their best to keep it simple or, as Albert Einstein once said, "...as simple as possible but not simpler." Phil, like me, is also an Ockham's Razor devotee: He's dedicated to doing things in ways which avoid multiplying difficulty beyond necessity. Yeah. That's what I'm talking about.

All the above and more is why I thought you might appreciate knowing about Phil's online video course. Steele's course-ware includes most everything you need to know to know about lighting models with off-camera flash. And he does that by keeping things simple, without multiplying difficulty beyond necessity. As a bonus, you'll get some great post-production tips as well! As an additional bonus, I did some hard-core negotiating with Phil. (I made him an offer he couldn't refuse. Trust me, you don't wanna know what that was.) Anyway, I scored everyone a 10%, limited-time, discount. How's that for looking out for my friends?

So what are you waiting for? CLICK HERE and be magically transported to Phil's preview page for his course, "How to Shoot Professional-Looking Headshots and Portraits on a Budget with Small Flashes." There, you'll learn so much more about Phil's program. More than I can tell you on this blog page. If you decide to purchase, when you click the "Add to Cart" button you'll be automatically discounted 10% off the regular price. (For a limited time only, that is. Make that for the limited time of the next 7 days only.) BTW, You can also click on the banner in the right-hand column, the one with the flashing strobe, if you're more of a right-hand-column-clicking kinda person.

So don't wait! Timing is everything! Get 10% off Phil Steele's lighting program now!

Speaking of timing, would you believe that Daisy, the pretty girl in the pic at the top, suffered a wardrobe malfunction a brief moment before I snapped the shutter?

No? Neither would I.

Wardrobe malfunction or not, the visual result is still sweet.


Rick said...

My learning technique? Tell me how to do it (verbally or reading it), show me how to do it (personally, diagram, or via video), watch me do it (with critique), and then let me do it alone. I'm a little think though so it may take a little time before I actually "get it".

jimmyd said...

There are three kinds of learners: visual, aural, tactile. Often, people use all three to learn but generally gravitate towards one of them. I'm mostly a tactile learner, that is, I need to do things "hands-on" to learn. School was always tough for me because so much of it relies on visual and aural learning... except stuff like wood shop which I did okay with. :-)