Friday, October 28, 2011

The Summer I Got Tall

My really good pal, Lewis Adams, has written a book! It's titled, "The Summer I Got Tall," and it's available on Amazon. (It's a book, BTW, not an e-book although it's also electronically available for Kindle readers.)

This isn't a book about photography. It's a non-fiction, personal, roller-coaster ride through the less-seen back streets of one of society's most popular -- although not always admitted to being so popular -- and sordid industries. The book is poignant, heartfelt, and punctuated with plenty of humor! Did I mention yours truly is mentioned a few times on its entertaining pages?

If you thought you already knew something about some of the adult industry's famous (infamous?) smut peddlers -- guys like Larry Flynt (of Hustler fame) and Bob Guccione (of Penthouse fame) -- or of bullshit peddlers like attorney Gloria Allred, you'll find you know less than you thought.

Lewis recounts his personal story. It's the story of a young, well educated, buttoned-down kinda guy who walks away from a promising career in NYC's banking district to follow his dream: A dream of eventually making it big in the entertainment industry. Instead, through an unforeseen series of events, he lands a temp job in an entertainment industry of another kind. Soon, his temp job becomes a full-time career as a marketing director for Larry Flynt's Hustler empire.

For a young man with plenty of hormones to spare, Lewis believed he had landed the ultimate dream job, one which more than a few young men would give their left-nuts to have. But what begins as an unexpected and incredible dream turns into something else after Lewis begins dating Flynt's beautiful and sexy executive assistant. Quicker than you can say, "Condoms? Who needs condoms?" Lew finds himself about to become a Dad. That one big step in life also results in Lewis suddenly finding himself out of a job. A situation he refuses to take lying down.

If you like books which make you root for the little guy, books that do so in entertaining, witty, and heartfelt ways, this is one of them. For a good read as well as a seldom-seen view of the business of sex, I enthusiastically recommend The Summer I Got Tall.

The gratuitous eye-candy at the top is Jenna H.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant. Thank you for the kind words and the copy editing.

jimmyd said...

You're welcome, Lewis. All well earned. Great book!