Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Innovatronix Photo Contest

I received an email last night from my friends at Innovatronix, manufacturers of first-class portable power products (and more) giving me a heads-up on a photo contest they're currently sponsoring. The category for this contest is fashion and the First Prize winner will receive a brand new Explorer XT portable power unit!

I'm a fairly-long-time Innovatronix user and I couldn't be happier with their portable power units. I have both an Explorer XT, as well as their newer, smaller (yet still powerful) Explorer Mini. If you're looking to add portable power to your capabilities, I give a big, fat, thumbs up to Innovatronix portable power products.

To learn more about Innovatronix's photo contest, CLICK HERE! The contest is open to both hobby and professional photographers. But hurry up! The deadline for entries is February 28, 2012. Enter your best fashion-themed photo, one that meets the contest's rules and requirements. Who knows? You might find yourself a winner and end up as happy as I am being an Innovatronix portable power user!

Here's an Explorer Mini review I wrote and posted on the blog last July. Below is a behind-the-scenes image I snapped at El Mirage Dry Lake in Victorville, CA a few years back. (Click to enlarge.) The photographer with his ass on the apple box is my buddy Rick. Another pal of mine, Lewis, is holding onto the soft box and the arm on the light stand. It was brutally hot that day and the dry, hot wind was blowing something fierce. We used an Explorer XT system to power my PCB "Zeus" pack-n-heads gear. To light the model, Rick has a PCB ring light on his camera in addition to the head inside the soft box. The Explorer XT truly excelled in that hot, dry, dusty environment! It just kept firing both lights like the champ it is.

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