Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lightroom Made Easy!

If you're looking for some training media to help you develop or enhance your Lightroom skills, Phil Steele's brand spanking new Lightroom Made Easy! might be just the ticket.

Phil recently launched his new video program about a week or so ago and, for a limited time, he's offering it for $39 (USD). That's eight bucks off the normal price. Such a deal!

So, what does $39 get you? Well, I could spend my time writing about all the features and benefits of Phil's program or you could just CLICK HERE and let Phil tell you about them himself. BTW, Phil offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied with his new course. Like I said, such a deal!

Personally, I don't use Lightroom. It's not that I don't recognize Adobe's Lightroom for what it is: A terrific post-prod program for photographers. It's that I don't need it. Why? Because when I shoot pretty girls for my clients, I simply hand over DVDs of the images after a quick edit and someone else does whatever they need to do with my photos. The only post-processing I do is on images I might use for this blog or for my own promotional efforts. And, as you might guess, I do that stuff with another great piece of photography software from Adobe: Photoshop.

So check out Phil's new online video program: Lightroom Made Easy! Clicking on the links I've provided will tell Phil that Jimmy sent you.

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Pete said...

I hear that Adorama and B&H have good prices on Lightroom 3, at least yesterday and today, so if someone were using a 30 day copy, today would be a good day to get the package and a book to learn how to use it at a great price.

I've heard (because I do editorial and don't have bucks for new software when my old is working... like you) that one of the advantages of Lightroom is keeping track of all your photos, even those not currently on your active drives.
Tempting... so I have downloaded the trial from Adobe... tempting...