Thursday, February 13, 2014

Dan Does it Again!

My favorite nude and glamour photographer in the Czech Republic has done it again!  Dan Hostettler of Studio Prague has come out with another terrific posing guide: "fashionNUDES & Freestyle Poses." Better  yet, for the next ten days you can get your very own copy minus 25% off the purchase price by using discount code PROMO25 at checkout.

That's right! A whopping 25% off simply by using discount code PROMO25 at checkout. But it's only good for the next ten days.

In his newest glamour, nude, and fashion-nude posing guide, Dan takes you to another level of posing with the help of the beautiful, sexy, and alluring Vicka Starr.  Let Vicka and Dan show you the kind of posing techniques that will get your photos noticed! Become inspired by loads of sexy, professionally-performed poses that will help you learn how emotions, expressions, stories, and more will elevate your "pretty girl" nude, glamour, and fashion-nude photography.

To learn more about Dan's awesome new posing guide and/or to get your own copy at 25% off, CLICK HERE.  And don't forget to use discount code PROMO25 at checkout!

Tell 'em Jimmy sent you!

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