Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A Pretty Girl Shooter Workshop?

Recently, I've received a number of emails inquiring about my intent to organize a workshop in the coming new year. Yesterday's post sparked more of the same as a few people wondered if my plans to work with my daughter meant I've lost focus on producing a glamour workshop.

I'm still pondering the pros and cons of putting on a workshop. And it's still an idea, for the most part, I think I might pursue. The recent workshop flame-war that erupted on a popular glamour forum (that I wrote a few times about on this blog) was quite educational for me. As I've never attended a photo workshop, that online spat (unintentionally) provided me some insight into the methodologies used by various workshop promoters.

I've also had a well-known workshop promoter--yeah, someone who was involved in the cyber-spat--inquire if I'd be interested in joining with him for a Los Angeles event. I'm quite tempted and I might agree to join with him in this but I'm still mulling over the pros and cons to accepting his offer.

It certainly would afford me the opportunity to work with someone who is quite successful at producing workshops; someone with a lot of experience promoting, organizing, administering, and implementing these sorts of events. Might this be a good way to start out in the workshop biz? Maybe. In fact, it could be a terrific opportunity! But might there also be some down-the-road problems from being identified with that individual's workshops? Would I be able to shed the connection, if I needed to, once I decided to go on my own? Would joining with him dillute whatever might be unique to something I might devise? Like I said, "pros and cons," and these are just a few of them bouncing around my head.

If I do this, I most assuredly want it to be as worthwhile for me as it would be for its participants. My reasons for considering jumping into the workshop biz aren't altruistic. But, at the same time, I want to provide a win/win experience for myself as well as those who attend and for those who participate as models or provide other services.

Hopefully, I'll figure this all out in the near future.

The eye candy posted along with this is Charli. She's definitely a looker, ain't she?


Bill Giles said...

I have been to several workshops, including Rolando's and JT's. I have always enjoyed them and I have learned from them. I have found that, lately, I am not meeting my objectives, for the workshops. I still would attend some of them, but I am more interested in those that are being put on by people who's workshops I haven't attended in the past. I can learn quite a bit just by watching the host and seeing his approach and methodology. I think that I would learn more by assisting a photographer than I do in the workshop format. Even so, after watching, I need to practice. If you do put one on, I would love to go, but I doubt that circumstances will permit it.


David A(telcoman) said...

If you can teach as well through an oral/verbal medium as you can through written medium, I think you'd host a wonderful workshop. One thing I would like to see more from a workshop would be to review images taken by participants and give a comment/critique.

WillT said...

I have no doubt, JimmyD, that a workshop with you would be worth more than the asking price. So, it's with some reluctance that I offer this advice: Put your eggs in the basket that reads "My daughter and I... ." How special is that!

Besides--if ones written words are any indication--the personality of the "well-known workshop promoter" you mentioned won't mesh with yours, which will create conflict and disappointment among the attendees who came for your insight. IMO.

Whatever you choose, best wishes, and thank you for sharing.