Sunday, December 03, 2006

Writer's Block

Some days I just can't think of anything to write about; anything worthwhile that is. I sit here and strain my brain thinking some idea or theme or subject will magically pop into my melon. But it doesn't.

This condition is made worse knowing there's people out there regularly stopping by to see if I've updated. Just great! Now I have yet another responsibility to others to worry about.

Don't get me wrong, all of you have been great. No one has left any comments like "Dude. What? You can't think of anything more informative or entertaining or important to write about than this drivel you've been passing off as read-worthy?"

Sometimes, I get some incredible emails. Here's an example of one just from the other day--

"Cracken blog mate, been an awesome read. Keep it up. Sounds like you aint full of shit either and u aint let the fact that you film awesome birds for a living turn you into a stuck up wanker. You a bit of legend."

I'll admit I had to consult an English English-to-American English dictionary to translate the email but, once I did, my ego felt truly stroked! Especially when I learned I ain't a wanker, stuck up or otherwise.

Okay, I've now put together six paragraphs of nothing that is on-topic. Sorry. It just ain't happening today.

The on-topic pretty girl posted with this nothing post is Reagan. I shot these (as I remember since I'm too lazy to check the EXIF data) almost a year ago. MUA was Terese Heddon. Conversion to monochrome was via PS's channel mixer.


Lin said...

Don't stress yourself up about your writing. I think it is brilliant.
I especially liked the writing on the "C&C Please" post.
Really inspiring writing....well done!
I come back every day (I admit it, I'm addicted) but just as much for thr writing as for the fabulous piccies.
But that doesn't mean that you have to post something new every day.....just when you feel like it.
There's a life outside photography and blogging too (now if only I could remember what it was)

ruben kungfu said...

no pressure man! i don't know where you get the time to write in this thing even once a week... you sound so busy. it is very enjoyable hearing what a pro goes through on a regular basis though.

James said...

You wrote about flags, how bout scrims? They reflect some light, pass some light, and can soften it. Sounds magical! Or maybe book end? Directing models, poses, prop ineraction. Next time just email me :)

Anonymous said...

Jimmy,..I confess to not reading your blogs for the last few weeks, but I bookmarked the url and will be visiting regularly, as I find them to be very informative.
Thanks, RonC
PS: I'm the worlds worst writer,..I can spend an hr trying to write a simple e-mail and make it sound right.

Anonymous said...

You are a fucking God! I quiver in the mere presence of your words. Your talent leaves me a blubbering puddle of goo.

LOL Very nice stuff, Jimmy. We all seriously appreciate the work and useful information you put into your blog. Have a great holiday.


jimmyd said...

You are a fucking God!

should i start a church? heheheheheeh