Monday, January 01, 2007

OMG! I Won Something!

It's always nice to end a year with one in the "win" column. Thanks to the discriminating, "good taste," folks at the Fluffytek Photographic Art blog, that's exactly how 2006 ended for me: Your humble, photo-documentarian of sexy women revealing themselves, provocatively, for my camera and the occasional entertainment of others.

Yep! I won a Fluffy for "Best Glamour Blog." No, it ain't a Pulitzer, not even close, but I'll graciously and enthusiastically accept this honor nonetheless. Granted, in the wider world of meritorious awards-for-accomplishments, a Fluffy might not seem like much but my attitude has always been, "I'll take what I can get when I can get it."

Not only did Pretty Girl Shooter win for Best Glamour Blog--I have no idea if there were any other nominees--but a picture of trapeze artist-turned-model, Katarina (that I snapped in 2006), was singled-out and posted along with the announcement of my win. Not suprisingly, the rules of cause-and-effect kicked in and I was prompted to process a few more images of the lovely and fit Katarina and post them along with this blog entry. (Note to Readers: The accompanying images of Katarina that I've selected, mostly for the manner in which she is posing, might or might not have subtle meaning related to my bragging rights over winning a Fluffy.)

You might be asking yourself, "What credentials do those FPA people have that makes them think they should be dishing out awards?" Apparently, they assumed this question might be asked and with "a good defense is a good offense" attitude, they pre-answered it on their blog. In a nutshell, they defend their award-bestowing rights by saying, "We are as qualified as anyone to judge our favourite artists," and "We love all the artists featured below (and many more). Why the hell shouldn’t we celebrate our favourite art, influences and inspirations for the last year?" and finally and possibly most importantly, "We are horribly arrogant Brits..."

No argument here. Many awards are chosen by "horribly arrogant" people, Brits or otherwise. Who is to say the art afficionados at FPA aren't as qualified as anyone else to judge these things? After all, there are few things more subjective than art, right?

Thanks guys! I appreciate the nod!


Bill S. said...

Congrats, Jummy

Bill S

Anonymous said...

Congratulations JD, nice way to start the new year.