Friday, March 09, 2007

Ostentatiousness Observed

At the risk of sounding ostentatious (by using a word like "ostentatiousness" in today's title), I am often amused by discussions regarding what is appropriate language when commenting on pretty girl pics.

Currently, on Photo Camel's Glam/Erotic Forum, a heady discussion ensues regarding the appropriateness of comments like "nice ass" in response to a glam/erotic pic of a girl with, well, with a nice ass.

Obviously, the comment "nice ass" says nothing about the photo-quality of the image other than the "nice ass" in question was exposed and focused with enough clarity and resolution to label it as such.

I do understand that photo forums are photo forums and many participants would prefer to see comments limited to the photographic aspects of the images. Sounds reasonable. Certainly, that's all well and good for landscape pics and other photo-genres. But we're talking about pretty girl pics here! What should also be obvious is the impact of a "nice ass" on a viewer's overall appreciation of a pretty girl image. That's why, as rule, shooters don't post pics that prominently feature big, fat, sloppy, distorted, cottage-cheese-dimpled asses! It's why you won't find -- if I have anything to say about it, and for many reasons other than I'm neither pretty nor a girl -- my fat ass publicly and prominently featured in an image.

Like it or not, pretty girl shooters are often judged by the quality of the pretty girls they shoot. Sometimes moreso, it often seems, than the photographic-qualities of the images. Perhaps, in a perfect world, that wouldn't be the case. But since the world ain't perfect, images that include things like a "nice ass" will actually blind many viewers to some otherwise-obvious photographic flaws in the image.

Comments like "nice ass" are always welcome by your's truly. Yeah, I also appreciate technical and other aesthetically-oriented comments. But if someone looks at an image I've captured and all they can say is, "Nice ass!" I'm okay with that!

The pretty girl at the top is Faith. Nice tits. (Faith also has a nice ass, although it's not featured in this particular image.)

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