Saturday, March 08, 2014

No Rest for the Weary

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Call me crazy. Call me determined. Call me whatever you want. I have rhino skin.  (Please note: I said "rhino" and not "RINO."  I'm not that second thing in name only or in any other way.)

 Politics aside -- after all, politics have nothing to do with this blog, although I am going to be photographing  campaign photos for a woman running for the California State Legislature in the not too distant future -- my skin is thick, very thick. It took quite a few years to grow and cultivate it to its present state of thickosity.  Heck. If it gets any thicker, I might have to become a Marvel Avenger. Bullets, arrows, and weaponized insults will bounce off me... metaphorically speaking, of course.

Anyway, politics, thick skin, and metaphors aside, I'm not going to rest on the recent release of my newest ebook, Location Flash. It's doing quite well, by the way, sales-wise. It's even spawned additional sales of my previous ebook, Flash-Free Portrait Photography, that I released last July.  Gotta love when that happens.  I've already received some pretty good feedback from a number of buyers/readers of the new book. My ego just loves those little cyber-strokes!

A woman in Slovakia (Yes, Slovakia) emailed me to say how much she likes the ebook and to ask me a question: a clarification of something on the technical side that's in my latest book. I kind of chuckled. Not because of her kind words about the book or the question she asked. (She writes in English perfectly, I might add. How many English speakers could you say the same about for writing in Slovak or whatever they speak there?) I chuckled because I suddenly realized I'm a bookseller in Slovakia! Heck, I'm not sure I could pin-point Slovakia on a world map.  Yet, I'm a bookseller in that far off land! Cool, no?

Okay... Politics, my thick skin, metaphors, and Slovakian bookselling aside -- I never thought I'd write a sentence with those words in it -- I'm not resting on the release of my latest ebook just two days ago. I've already begun working on the next book and I hope to complete it within a few months or so. What's my next ebook? (Drum roll, please!) A follow up  to my very first ebook released three-and-a-half years ago: Guerrilla Glamour.   (You probably already figured that out because of the graphic at the top, but I like trying to build tension in my blog writing, whether I'm successful at doing so or not.) Three-and-a-half years! Damn! Time flies when you're authoring ebooks.

I've had a number of people over the past three years ask why I don't put together a follow-up to Guerrilla Glamour? Well, no reason other than I had other stuff to write. It's like a calling, you know?

I even came up with a really clever, catchy, title for this next one.  I'm going with  "Guerrilla Glamour 2."  (As you also already guessed, also from the graphic up top.) Wow! Cleverness, catchy-ness, and tension building! How's that for blogging skills?

Guerrilla Glamour 2 will build on what's in Guerrilla Glamour. As the sub-title says, it's all about kicking up your glamour photography a notch or two.  Who knows? Maybe more than one or two notches? Maybe three... or four!  Perhaps it will take people's photography to that "next level" less clever bloggers and ebook promoters like to say... again, and again, and again.  Anyway, I've already begun writing it. I have a whole two pages done!  And, as you can plainly see, I've also invested the time to slap together a temporary book cover for it. All that in two days!  Plus, playing the role of bean-counter watching my sales figures! Yeah. I can multi-task!

I'm on a roll, people. A freakin' roll!

The pretty girl featured on my interim GG2 cover is the beautiful and sensuous Penthouse Pet of the Month and Hustler cover girl, Celeste Star, who, I might add, is a heck of a lot of fun to work with!

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