Thursday, March 06, 2014

New "Location Flash" eBook Released!

I'm super excited to announce the official release of my newest eBook, "Location Flash: How to Shoot Awesome Portraits Combining Natural and Artificial Light."

I've put a lot of work into this book. It covers it all, flash-added-daylight-portrait-shooting-wise. Well, nearly all. Covering it all, that is ALL all, would take multiple volumes. But I think I've got the really important stuff covered.

If you're interested in elevating your skills when adding flash to your daylight portraits, and no matter what kinds of portraits you're shooting -- weddings and events, babies, kids, seniors, families, entertainers, models, business and professional people -- it's all the same when it comes to the lighting skills you need to possess and have comfortably at your disposal. 

To learn more about how this new eBook and how it will help you improve your flash-added daylight portraiture, please  CLICK HERE.

By the way, that's not the official cover for the book up top. It's an alternate cover. But since the actual cover for the book features a child, I didn't think it appropriate to post it on a glamour photography blog.  I was considering using the cover (above) as *the* cover for a while though. But like most things, things change.


Bill Giles said...

I like the yin/yang comparison to shutter speed/aperture. The two are intertwined and while there are many "correct" combinations, each one creates a different image.

I'd still like to see more BTS shots, they are often inspirational.

How's the battery life on your portable inverters? I've just about given up on AGM gel cell batteries. They last about four years if you treat them well, but when they go dead, they go bad.

jimmyd said...

Hey Bill!

You're right. So many combinations for shutter/aperture and each will produce a slightly different (in some cases, depending on that combo, a very different) image. My batts have been good altho I did have to send in my ExplorerXT for repair. Wouldn't keep a charge. But they took care of it. It was probably my fault as I mistakenly left it off the trickle charger for nearly two weeks. They specifically tell you it must be on the charger when not in use. I would love to have included more BTS shots but it's sometimes difficult to get someone to go along to the shoots to snap them and/or I end up so focused on shooting I forget to ask anyone else there to shoot to snap some, even with a cell phone. Thanks for supporting the book!

J Rune Nudz said...

Very concise and easy to follow text Jimmy. A great addition to my photo reference library.


jimmyd said...

@Joe: Thanks for the kind words! Much appreciated!