Friday, March 28, 2014

Three Point Lighting

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 I wrote a guest blog for Dan Hostettler's Studio Prague Blog+ about Three Point Lighting. Heck. I even put together some lighting diagrams for it and that's something I almost never do for my own blog! It's my small way of maintaining and improving good foreign relations.

I touched on 3-Point or Triangular lighting in a recent blog update about my "go-to" glamour lighting setup here, on the Pretty Girl Shooter blog. For my friend Dan, I went into it in more depth. Again, foreign relations and that stuff.

If you have a few moments and would like to learn more about 3-Point lighting,  >CLICK HERE<  and, through the magic of the internet, you'll be instantly transported to the Czech Republic where you can read the blog post. I wrote it in English because I definitely don't speak or write Czech or whatever language they communicate with in that far off place.  Leastwise, it's far off from where I'm at in Southern California. So, enjoy the diagrams and more. You can also browse around Dan's web site after checking out the article I wrote. He's a terrific photographer specializing in shooting beautiful women wearing little to nothing.

By the way, Dan is a Swiss guy living in Prague so I don't know what all he speaks, although I do know he speaks most excellent English and I assume he's pretty good at speaking Swiss. Wait. Do Swiss people speak Swiss or do they speak German? Now I'm confused. (Like that's something new.)


Besides the diagrams, for your added enjoyment and educational development there's even a behind-the-scenes photo of a very pretty model surrounded by lights to underscore the text. Plus, there's another shot of an equally pretty model in all her naked beauty snapped with 3-Point lighting because I'm a sharing, caring, 3-Point lighting, kind of guy that way.

The photo at the top -- one that features 15 pretty young women who would soon all be naked, as well as two dwarves little people -- has nothing to do with 3-Point lighting. Don't ask why there are pool-side little people in the photo. I was sworn to secrecy. I'll only say it turned into a pretty wild pool party and those two little guys were exceptionally cool guys, both of them professional actors. It's a good example of one of those days when I really and truly love my job as a pretty girl shooter.

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