Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Oh No! I'm Influential!

I love when people leave comments. That's one of my rewards for writing this blog. And while I wouldn't dissuade anyone from sending cash, checks, or money orders if they were so inclined and/or mentally-unstable (I am, after all, the Pretty Girl Shooter blog's favorite charity) I do encourage readers to leave comments.

BTW, if you leave a comment and it doesn't show up immediately, that's because I have to moderate it. That means, when I'm online and alerted to the pending comment(s), I need to log-on to the site and approve or disapprove it/them. I can't remember disapproving any legitimate comments thus far--whether they were supportive and in agreement with what I wrote or otherwise--except for one or two that were of the SPAM variety.

Oh! Before I forget! Here's a follow-on to yesterday's post: As I predicted, Glamour 1's head-honcho, Rolando Gomez, responded to Paul Buff's comments re: Buff's Alien Bees' ringflash system. Gomez, however, chose to post his response on G1 rather than on the Fred Miranda forum where Buff posted his response. Per my update yesterday, this subject has been engaged in some serious forum hop-scotching. If you're interested in Rolando's reponse to Paul's response to Rolando's response to the original poster's G1 thread, you can do so by clicking HERE. (Whew! That's a lot of responses!)

Back to today's update and me being influential...

A reader left a comment to a very early-on post I had written about my Mola beauty dish. If you never caught that post, you can read it by clicking HERE. You can also read an email I received from Mola's inventor and CEO by now clicking HERE. Anyway, it seems after reading what I had to say about Mola's incredible beauty dish, this reader decided to find out for himself if the dish was all I claimed it was. The man put his money where his mouth is by heading down to Samy's, in Los Angeles, and renting a Mola dish and trying it out.

Here's what Joseph Francis, the shooter who left the comment and rented a Mola had to say: "I'm a relatively novice photographer. On the strength of your review I rented one from Samy's in Los Angeles. Now I want one for my very own."

Joseph was also kind enough to post a few examples of his work with the Mola dish and you can view each of them by clicking HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Joseph-- If you're reading this, great job! You ain't as novice as you claim. Personally, I like #2 and #3 the best with #3 garnering my Best of Show award for this batch of pretty girl pics. And what a great gag that is with the frosting! How come I never thought of doing that? Did you have to rent a cake decorator as well?

So keep on keepin' on with those comments people! I like to read as well as write.

The pretty girl posted along with this is Aurora, lit with my 33.5" Mola dish as the mainlight.

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