Friday, July 27, 2007

Ferocious Art

photography, photographer, glamour, glamor, model, modeling, camera, lensHere's another example of a graphic designer's work--working from images I captured--I'm quite satisfied with.

I wish I could always say I like what someone else does with my pics, I can't, but there are those times when I do like what they've done and this ad (for an upcoming adult release from TeraVision and Vivid Entertainment) works for me.

Apparently, both the client and the graphic designer have an eye similar to mine: They selected an image that is one of my faves from the series I shot with Jayme. If you scroll down to two updates ago, to my article, Gimme Some Attitude, you'll see that I featured the same image in my update they used as the primary photo for the artwork.

Some of you might find it interesting to see what can result from images shot on a seamless. You might also note, if you compate the image I posted in the Gimme Some Attitude! with the finished artwork, that Jayme's left nipple has been subtly covered up.

The Ferocious artwork is for an upcoming advertisement that will appear in AVN magazine (Adult Video News) and elsewhere.

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