Friday, July 06, 2007

An Odyssey and an Oracle

I posted a couple of new links today. (Hat tip to the good folks at

I don't gratuitously post links the way I gratuitously post photos of pretty girls. I only post links to sites that, for one reason or another, I find of interest.

There's more than a few reasons I might find a site of interest, not the least of which is it being informative and/or on-topic. Another reason might simply be that I like the photography featured on the site. Whatever the reason might be, I hope many of you find my choices for links worth browsing.

Today's new links, both of them blogs, come from South Africa. The blogs' author is a photographer and filmmaker and although his blogs are fairly new and he hasn't updated in about a month, I think an occasional visit to these sites will prove worth any photographer's time... assuming the author continues with what he's begun.

Here are the links:

A Photographers Odyssey

A Photographers Oracle

The gratuitious pretty girl at the top who, for some reason, has me humming that old song, "Thanks for the Mammaries," is Devin. I shot Devin a while back at a studio in the San Fernando Valley.

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