Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Back From Las Vegas (Again)

I've been out of town again but now I'm back. I drove up to Vegas this past Saturday and I went for a couple of reasons: One of which was to hook up with some friends and the other to crash Super Shoots' Vegas shindig. (Man! I've been to Las Vegas a bunch of times lately!)

Saturday night, Leesa and I caught up with Don and DeAnn Clark of DDC Studios. I've had a cyber-friendship with Don and DeAnn for two or three years. But with them living in Wichita and me in L.A., we've never met in person... until now. I first "met" Don and DeAnn on the old Garage Glamour site. (Now called Glamour1.) Don's a photographer and DeAnn's an MUA. (A pretty girl shooter whose wife is an MUA-- How convenient is that?) Anyway, the four of us headed to downtown Vegas and had a great time. I like downtown Vegas: It's kind of sleazy and honky-tonk-like... Don fit right in. (HeEheheheheh)

On Sunday, we cruised over to where the SuperShoots people were staying and went with them to Nelson, Nevada, for a day of shooting and learning and more shooting. {Next June, I'll be an instructor at SuperShoots Hit the Lodge event and I thought their Vegas workshop would be a great opportunity to meet up with the SuperShoots folks.) Nelson was a very cool location and I want to go back there to shoot sometime soon.

There were about twenty participants at SuperShoots Vegas venue. I think they had a half-dozen or so models, a couple of MUAs, and another half-dozen instructors and mentors. If you're interested in attending a photo workshop, you might consider signing up for one of SuperShoots' upcoming events. And no, I don't get a kickback as a result of anyone signing up after reading about them on this site... but now that I'm thinking about it...

The image at the top (courtesy of LeesaJ) has me 'splaining to one of the participants the relative importance and immense joy of making like roadkill to get the shot. I didn't shoot much of anything myself, in spite of the camera dangling off my shoulder. I was too busy making like a know-it-all for the benefit(?) of some of the photographers participating in the workshop.


ddcstudios said...

Ahhh Jimmy! thanks a bunch for the kind comments!!! It was great finally getting to meet you after all this time of learning from you on the forums, you've always kept it real and for that, Im forever indebted!
Thanks so much for a great time!
Our next vacation destination L.A. baby!!!!

Frederick said...

The model kept hoping that you would show her what tru road-kill looks like

Ron said...

I resemble that road kill....had just met Jimmy about 10 minutes earlier there in Nelsen, NV and was already getting great tips from Jimmy..... Thank man!!