Friday, October 05, 2007

Hit the Lodge!

The good folks at SuperShoots are responsible for me having to replace all my hats.

With larger hats.

Ya see, they inflated my head (and my ego) to a ridiculous circumference with a totally surprising and unexpected offer to instruct and mentor at their upcoming, 9th annual, REALLY BIG, event: Hit the Lodge.

Yesiree! Come next June, I'll be heading East to the Walnut Knob Resort, located somewhere in the backwoods of Illinois, for four, fun-filled days of learning and shooting and enjoying the camaraderie of fellow photo enthusiasts!

If any of you are interested in participating in a terrific learning event hosted by a well-respected and experienced photography workshop company, check out all of SuperShoots events. And if Illinois in June sounds good, well, I'll be there. And so will a bunch of other experienced instructors, exceptional models, and enthusiastic participants.


Josh said...

...and a grand time HTL will be!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info on HTL... I've wanted to attend a workshop like this for quite some time and decided to stop putting it off. I'll see you in June. Craig

jimmyd said...

Cool, Craig! It's gonna be, as Joshua says, a "grand time!" I'm looking forward to it. Cya there!