Monday, December 10, 2007

Windows Vista Sucks!

Let me repeat it: Windows Vista sucks!!!

When did Microsoft begin hiring morons? Anyone who wants to slow their PC down to a snail's pace or enjoys being constantly barraged with error messages or loves trying to resolve software incompatibilities couldn't do it any better than with Windows Vista. Who needs malware or other malicious software to mess up a computer? All you need is Windows Vista.

Two days before Black Friday, my son-in-law began camping out in front of our local Best Buy. His goal? To purchase a couple of laptops at incredible prices. And he succeeded. One of them he kept for himself and the other he let me have. I've been needing a new laptop for sometime and at the price he paid, how could I turn it down?

As it turns out, I should have turned it down. Why? Two words: Windows Vista.

Windows Vista sucks. It doesn't just suck, it REALLY SUCKS! It's a joke. It's a piece of crap. It is so slow and unfriendly it defies description. They took all that works in Windows XP and, apparently, decided to f__ck it up!

I'm not going to waste my time recounting all the ways Windows Vista sucks, I'm only going to say that I will never buy another PC again. As soon as I'm able, I'm switching to a Mac. Microsoft can shove their products where the sun don't shine.

The management at Mac should be shuttling over to Microsoft in busloads and kissing all those Windows developer's asses in thanks! IMO, Microsoft just did more to promote Mac than all the money Mac could ever spend on marketing and advertising.

Please bear with me while I say it one more time: WINDOWS VISTA SUCKS!!!!

The image of Monica at the top conveys my current attitude towards Microsoft, minus the smile.


Anonymous said...

I disagree. Since you didn't even give one example why you think Vista sucks I can't help you. All I can say is Vista works fine for me. Just remember that people are saying the exact same thing about Leopard so enjoy your stay with Apple.

jugglervr said...

I agree. vista completely blows chunks. But don't despair. XP works just fine on any new computer if you take a little time to find the right drivers (and this is easier than it's ever been). Just wipe that laptop and install XP and it'll run like a dream. for another 5 years.
Learning how to power-tweak your existing system is as easy as or easier than learning a new system (and going from PC to mac isn't as easy as they claim).

chris said...

sheesh...where do I start?

Drivers won't work, my computer runs SLOWER than when it was on XP. PC manufacturers KNEW the minimum reqs for vista and for some reason keep forcing it BUNDLED with PC's that obviously couldn't meet it. Internet security is a pain in the ass (although it's supposedly more user friendly now), they've just dumbed it down to the point where it's actually harder to operate.

There's much more where that came from, but my computer might slow down. =)

Lin said...

Right on Jimmy!
Vista trashed our business network. 3 months later, it's still not working properly yet. Vista is slow and it crashes constantly.

It trashed my work. It trashed my life. Don't let it do the same to you.

Anonymous said...

You'll find a lot more complaints about Vista than you will about Leopard. The biggest issue with Leopard was a third party application that caused the problem not the OS.

As a user of both, it seems a matter of luck with Vitsa. Some folks are fine but hardly use it for anything but gaming, other folks can't get anything to work because half their applications aren't Vista friendly.

There is a service pack coming out soon, and as with typical microsoft things after the first service pack things start looking up.

Personally, I've used the Mac as a phtoography platform now for a few years. With lightroom and PS3 I have no complaints. The canon software works, etc.

And the OS doesn't seem to get in my way as near as much as Windows did.

nebill said...

I would not make the switch to Mac, myself. Much more expensive, less capability, and less available software. Remember your plug-in for PS? Won't work on a Mac!
Vista is a terribly flawed operating system in a lot of ways. It is no where near good as XP, and many people are moving back to XP, which, if I had a new laptop, is probably what I would do! XP ROCKS!!

zytkiewicz said...

I don't think Vista sucks I think it just has very steep requirements to run well. In July I bought a cheep laptop with Vista Basic and I hated it. I hated it so much I returned it the next day and bought a used XP laptop.

Now I have a dual core desktop with 6GB of RAM. Vista runs beautifully. I think where people are having problems is when they're trying to run old software, or run it on hardware that's not up to spec.

jimmyd said...

I have a dual core desktop with 6GB of RAM. Vista runs beautifully. I think where people are having problems is when they're trying to run old software, or run it on hardware that's not up to spec.

the sony laptop my son-in-law bought has dual-processors and came with a meg of ram. Vista runs like shit on it. Slow.... error mssgs... some of the software bundled on the laptop doesn't seem to work at all. he tried shutting half the processes down and it still runs like shit. he called sony and sony told him the laptop is so new there's no way he can put XP on it but VISTA doesn't really work on it.

the laptop i have, a toshiba, only has 512 of ram and a single processor. a 4mb image i loaded from my canon 5d took 9 minutes to preview. nine freakin' minutes!!!!!! burning a dvd took almost an hour. if vista only runs on machines that have multiple processors and an abundance of ram, then these manufacturers shouldn't be loading VIsta onto their new machines because, in a nutshell, it doesn't work on the machine. the toshiba laptop i have is useless to me. completely useless. even the usb 2 ports are half slower than usb 1 ports on one of my old machines. this is bullshit. they have no business loading this operating system on machines that cannot operate properly with it. it's consumer fraud! and, yes, i'm going to make a fucking stink about it-- both to toshiba and to best buy... like that's going to do any good.

jimmyd said...

Since you didn't even give one example why you think Vista sucks I can't help you

9 minutes to preview a 4 mb jpg.

usb2 ports half as slow as usb1 ports on old machine.

a third of the applications on the machine shut themselves down whenever their used.

DVD took almost an hour to burn.

various error mssgs constantly appear and every time it happens the screen goes blank and it takes 10 to twenty minutes for windows to come bak on.

need i continue? and if you tell me the problem is the processor in the machine isn't fast enough or there's not enough ram then the manufacturer has no business bundling that operating system on a machine that cannot handle it.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you just got a lemon. It happens. Also how can you blame Microsoft is Toshiba sells you a laptop that isn't capable of running the software they bundle with it. I personally wouldn't run Vista with less then 2GB of RAM. Running Vista on anything less would be like taking a picture with your 5D and printing it on dot matrix printer. If Toshiba sold you a laptop with 512MB of RAM with Vista on it your issue should be with Toshiba not Microsoft. I wouldn't even run XP with 512MB of RAM.

Just remember that when XP came out people said the exact same thing they are saying about Vista now.

Malcolm Young said...

I learned to hate Vista pretty quickly too. Biggest problem is it is such a resource hog. The operating system uses 500MB of RAM. Load Photoshop and you're up 700. On a 1 gig system you have only 300MB left for processing your pics. Manufacturers are remiss for selling Vista machines with only 1G RAM.

The HP website claimed my notebook simply couldn't run XP.

I decided to give it a shot anyway. Took 1 whole day to track down drivers but in the end I succeded. Oh happy day!

Biggest problem was getting a NVIDEA chipset driver. Apparently the general release drivers from NVIDEA themselves are nobbled not to run on Notebooks.

Fortunately there are bunch of enterprising geeks that enjoy un-nobbling them.

A website that solved most of my problems was I see it is down at the moment but hopefully will be back soon.

Hope that helps someone!


Mac said...

Get a Mac. I switched about a year ago and have never regretted it. My aunt bought a Vista machine and was having problems with it so I went to see if I could help...what a pile of junk. I talked my father-in-law out of buying a new PC because you can only get them with Vista. I revamped an older machine I had with XP on it and gave him that.

jimmyd said...

how can you blame Microsoft is Toshiba sells you a laptop that isn't capable of running the software they bundle with it. I personally wouldn't run Vista with less then 2GB of RAM.

You're right in that my biggest beef is (and should be) with Toshiba. But my son-in-law's new laptop, a Sony, came with 2mb of RAM and dual processors and it doesn't run much better or faster. Two lemons from different manufacturers and bought simultaneously? What are the odds of that? There's one common demoninator here: Windows Vista.

Viiince said...

Vista sucks ... but XP did too.

Linux is quite a good solution, obviously, all that is missing is photoshop.

ChetP said...

JimmyD says Vista sucks. Let me count the ways....

To come down on a Mac and say it is neither a god choice is just downright ignorant. Mac's don't crash without a reason. Mac's crash, but you find out why. Futhermore, Macs don't crash, don't lock up, don't run slow, are not susceptible to viruses ranging from a sneeze to a meltdown. Less available software? Sorry, the elitist rank do want garbage software on their computer. To give you a clue how wrong you are go to and see if it's Mac compatible. Oh wait, I all ready did and it is. I'm so sick of hearing this "Macs aren't it" line. Bullshit. I would trust my Mac walking my 7-year-old nephew to school than ANY PC or Windows module.

Fascist said...

I totally agree with you there. I have been a Linux nerd for the last 10 years, but when I was blesses with an addition to the household, I got lazy in the PC arena. I've had a Windows XP laptop for the last 3 years. I've always wanted to put Linux on it, but couldn't justify the time because, as bad as XP is, I couldn't justify the time spent tweaking Linux until it was right for me. I recently bought a new laptop which came with Vista (aka steaming piece of poo). I didn't have it longer than a month before I whacked Linux on it. As far as I'm concerned, any time tweaking the Linux install is infinitely more productive than dealing with the crap that is Vista. You want to run a program at startup? Even if you trust it, even if you WROTE it, Vista will block it because it doesn't trust it. There is no way for a user, the person that OWNS the stinking machine, can tell Vista otherwise... MS think they know better than their customers. That is fundamentally the wrong decision, and I applaud your determination to switch to something that is infinitely more customisable and in tune with the customers

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - give us a reason Vista doesn't suck?

I have a windows system with with XP, a laptop with Vista, a laptop with Leopard and MacPro with Leopard. Out of all of them Vista sucks the most. Try running vista as an admin just to be told you can't save a system file. You have to open it first in "admin" mode. How f'n annoying. I want control over my system as an admin, not having vista tell me I can't do anything. So instead of MS just fixing the security issues it makes it almost impossible to do anything.

Here is another example of how lame MS is. Want to look at a date next month? Open calendar in your tool bar, and go to the next month but what ever you do, don't accidently hit ok or your entire system clock date will change. Yeah, lets tie the calendar into the system date. Morons.

Having been a hard core PC guy for years, I'm moving over to the MAC.

Anonymous said...

Love your site. First time commenter. I've given XP and Vista every chance I could possibly give them. I switched home computers to macs a couple of years ago and the only thing that makes me angry is that I didn't do it sooner. FYI I haven't rebooted my laptop or my mac desktop at home in MONTHS. Have never needed to.