Monday, August 08, 2011

Monday Morning Blahs Demolished

Usually, probably much like many of you, Monday mornings aren't my favorite mornings of the week. They're most often on the "blah" side if not being outright depressing. More so if the weekend I just enjoyed was a terrific one! (Although, unfortunately, I can't say this past weekend was anything special for me. Bummer, right?)

On this Monday morning, however, I woke from my nightly coma to a pleasant surprise. After groggily checking my email then logging onto Facebook, I sipped on a much-needed cup of joe and half-ass watched my News Feed scroll by. Suddenly, I spotted one of my pics! In spite of my semi-conscious condition, I quickly realized it was posted on Photoflex's FB page! That sure wiped the sleepiness from my eyes and jump-started my senses.

I clicked on the Photoflex FB page link to discover not only my photo, but a link to Photoflex's blog. After clicking the blog link, I saw that my BTS (Behind-the-Scenes) photo of glam-goddess, Tera Patrick, one that I had snapped during one of my photo-sessions with Tera, was being featured at the top of the Photoflex blog update.

Very cool!

I guess it pays to tag your photos with the name of the company who makes some of the gear you use. Those companies, if they notice the image and like the photo, probably like it even better when their gear is featured in the photo, including the company's logo. D'uh, right?

CLICK HERE if you missed the hyperlink above to go to Photoflex's blog.

The snap above is one from the same session with the Goddess of Glam, one where I also shot the BTS pic Photoflex featured on their blog.


Rick said...

Since they didn't ask for permission to use your image to help in their advertising - isn't that an infringement on your copyright? I mean they are pimping you and all but just the same.

Rick D.

jimmyd said...

@Rick-- Technically? Possibly. Not sure. Don't care. I wish more companies of Photoflex's renown would publish a photo of mine on their blogs or websites. (With, of course, a credit or attribution as Photoflex courteously and appropriately has done.) It's Win/Win as far as I'm concerned And Win/Wins rule! They almost always trump being petty or anal or sticking to the strict letter of things when it comes to this kinda stuff. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! :-)

Bill Giles said...

It was nice how you composed the photo to clearly show the Photoflex OctoDome logo. I kind of suspect that it was coincidental, but it's not a bad idea. A company like Photoflex is a lot more likely to showcase your photo when their logo is clearly visible. Good job.

Photoflex said...

@pgshooter Great stuff dude! Your photo was featured for a reason! Keep rockin it :)

Photoflex via Twitter