Wednesday, August 03, 2011

New eBook: Boudoir Photography

While there's a myriad of differences between how you should approach boudoir photography versus glamour photography, the end results are often quite similar. D'uh, right? One of the biggest differences between the two genres, of course, are the models themselves.

Glamour photography generally strives to capture the sensual allure of professional, semi-pro, or amateur models. Boudoir photography also strives to capture that allure but, with boudoir, the models themselves are rarely professional or even amateur models. Instead, they're housewives and girlfriends and Moms and even Grand-Moms. In short, boudoir subjects can be just about anyone.

While most glamour models are quite comfortable posing in various stages of dress and undress, boudoir subjects generally aren't accustomed to flaunting and projecting their allure in similar ways for the camera. (Much less that strange photographer guy or gal.)

I doubt it's a surprise to any of you that many of the same photography and lighting skills necessary for shooting great glamour pics are very close, if not identical, to what's required for shooting great boudoir photos. Boudoir photographers, however, need an additional set of skills, many of them specialized people skills, in order to be successful. They also need unique marketing skills and more.

That's where Ed Verosky's new ebook, Boudoir Photography, comes in. What Ed has done with his new ebook is compile the best of his two previous ebooks on boudoir photography, added more info, suggestions, how-to stuff and advice, and picked the brains of some other well-known and successful boudoir photographers (and shared the results of that brain-picking) in order to help you become a better and more successful boudoir photographer.

If you're already shooting boudoir or are just getting started, or even if you're simply thinking about jumping into boudoir shooting but haven't yet begun pursuing it, this ebook will be a terrific resource for you.

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Stacie Frazier - Haute Shots said...

What a great and very in-depth review of a fantastic book. Ed deserves all kinds of accolades on this book, as well as his other offerings. He is such a huge asset to our industry. :-)

Pete Springer said...

Ed's two other Boudoir books are really great and useful. I'm guessing this one is similar. Thanks for the post and review, Jimmy D