Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sin City Fine Art Nude Workshop

My favorite American photographer living in Zurich, Switzerland, Bryon Paul McCartney, who may or may not be related to that other Paul McCartney you may have heard of, will be hosting his first fine art nude workshop on American soil next month. More specifically, Bryon will be work-shopping with a small group of photographers in Sin City, a.k.a., Las Vegas, Nevada. How small of a group you might ask? Just 4, count 'em, 4 fortunate photographers will be shooting with and learning from Bryon over the course of two days.

Bryon is an internationally-recognized, award-winning, gallery-exhibited photographer known for his fine art photography. This is a great opportunity for a few photographers to learn from, work with, and get help honing their craft from a most excellent photographer. While Bryon's workshop is not directly affiliated with this year's Photoshop World, which takes place in Las Vegas next month on September 7 thru 9, Bryon's workshop immediately follows the Photoshop event and will be held September 10 & 11.

Bryon's debut U.S. workshop will be HQ'd at the Sin City Gallery in Las Vegas, NV. Shooting will take place at various locations in and around Las Vegas.

Bryon tells me each participant will be given the opportunity to focus on their own, specific needs, whether they need coaching on working with models, technical help with shooting them, light styling or post-processing. In other words, with such a small group, Bryon will be able to tailor the experience to each participant's needs.

For more detailed information regarding Bryon's exciting workshop, CLICK HERE. If you decide you'd like to attend, you can CLICK HERE to register.

The pretty girl at the top is Nautica. The photo represents one of my few, meager attempts at art nude photography.

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