Monday, May 21, 2007

What Will You Stumble Upon?

I don't make a habit here, on the PGS blog, of pimping websites. (Unless you'd call putting some photo-related--and a few other sites--in my links, "pimping websites.") But today, I'm going to do just that, pimp a site, that is.

If you haven't yet discovered, you ought to check it out. In fact, I'd suggest you join StumbleUpon and DL their toolbar and put it in your browser. allows you to "channel surf the internet with the StumbleUpon toolbar to find great websites, videos, photos and more based on your interests. StumbleUpon learns what you like and makes better recommendations."

Once you've joined StumbleUpon and told it what kind of sites you're interested in (and DL'd their toolbar) a simple click on the "Stumble" icon will take you to a series of sites that you might find of interest. It even allows you to give the various sites you stumle upon a "Thumb's Up," or "Thumb's Down," further refining the sorts of sites that StumbleUpon hopes will capture your interest.

I've already stumbled upon some really cool photography sites that I never knew were out there. For instance, just yesterday I stumbled upon the work of photographer Thierry Le Gou├Ęs who is now my newest, most favorite, pretty girl shooter.

Unfortunately, I've not yet stumbled upon the PGS blog (or any of my pics) on StumbleUpon. But who knows? Maybe at some point the PGS blog and/or the work of this humble pretty girl shooter will be deemed cool enough by StumbleUpon for others to stumble upon?

The gratuitous eye candy at the top is Charmane. I shot this pic a few weeks ago on a stark-white, infinity cyclorama at a studio in downtown L.A. I'm sure you'll agree that Charmane is awfully easy on the eyes and I'm pretty sure more than a few homo sapien males would be quite happy to stumble upon Ms. Charmane.

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Anonymous said...

I also Love The other nice feature I like is that those sites you give a thumbs up to are now kept on your stumble upon home page, so it becomes a great bookmarks page. I also love the stumble video feature! There are some amazing and hilarious things out there. (Just look up German Coast Guard on YouTube)
Thanks for the Pic! Always admire your work!