Thursday, September 29, 2011

Paging Ms. Leibovitz

First off, a big thanks to everyone who's purchased my new e-book, "Zen and the Art of Portrait Photography." Sales have been terrific and I've received some excellent responses. "It's a good read, " is one of the things people are telling me. For writers, "a good read," is definitely something we love hearing. If you're thinking of purchasing and haven't yet done so, CLICK HERE to learn more about the book.

BTW, I sent an email to Annie Leibovitz's people offering a courtesy copy of the book for the super-star shooter to have.

Oh yes I did!

I quoted her a few times in the book so I thought, "Why not?" . Ms. Leibovitz once said she uses her camera, "in a Zen way." (That's one of her quotes I used, of course.) Based on that alone, I'm thinking she might relate to some of what's in the book, assuming she reads it. (Not that the book is filled with all that much Zen. It is, first and foremost, a book about shooting portraiture. The Zen stuff is used to punctuate the ideas in the book.)

Paying homage to Annie Leibovitz, even if it's only by using a few words in my book which sprang from her very own lips is, at the very least, a nice compliment to her. I mean, considering all the iconic photographers I also quoted in the book, I put her in most excellent company, photographers quoted wise. In the book, Annie L even gets a chapter heading, Chapter Eighteen I think, where I used a quote mouthed by her.

You know what? I'm so stoked, I just made an executive decision: I'm going to offer my other two e-books at a discount!

From now till next Friday, October 7, you can purchase and download either or both of my first two e-books, "Guerrilla Glamour" and "Guerrilla Headshots," with a 20% discount off their regular price of $9.95 (USD). That's $2 off each e-book! $4 off if you buy both! (I used a calculator and figured out what 20% off equals for one or both books just in case you suck at math as badly as I do... Your welcome.)

Now I'm in a positively giddy mood! I'm going to send another e-mail Annie Leibovitz's way. I'm going to personally, yes personally, offer her that 20% off my first two books, not that she needs my e-books, of course. She does know a thing or two about photography. But now she gets a courtesy copy of my new e-book, PLUS, just like all of you, Annie L can save $2 or $4 purchasing one or both of my other two books. Doesn't that make you feel like there's only a few degrees of separation between you and Annie Leibovitz? It does me. Well, sort of. Okay. Maybe not. But still, right?

CLICK HERE for "Guerrilla Glamour."

For "Guerrilla Headshots," CLICK HERE.

CLICK HERE for "Zen and the Art of Portrait Photography."

After you arrive at the sites, click on the Add to Cart buttons if you're of a mind to purchase. If it's one of my first two e-books, when your shopping cart appears tap in the discount code, GIDDY, update the cart, and your total will automatically reflect 20% off. I just know this deal is making you feel, as it is me, giddy like a school kid!

Speaking of giddy, I got a little giddy when I was working Devin, pictured above. So much so, I shadowed her with my camera almost everywhere she went. That's how I snagged the photo of Devin primping in the mirror in the shot above.

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